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Type A help established businesses build website traffic with a productised SEO service, upfront pricing, published client NPS results and endorsements from titans of industry.

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Working with Type A was incredibly enjoyable. Not only are they very capable but very personable and fun to work with.
gerry white
Gerry White
Just Eat
Type A are my secret weapon. Old school SEO thinking and results driven. Very happy with my overall experience of the agency.
rob hopkins
Rob Hopkins
Cotswold Outdoor
Type A are my go to SEO agency. A professional outfit that are not scared to make big decisions if it means long term growth
mark irwin
Mark Irwin

We have skin in the game

We like to call ourselves the 4 day work week hipsters. Why? Because we were doing it before it was cool. Type A was created as a 4 day week agency in 2017 to help us hire and retain the best talent and compete with the biggest agencies globally. 

skin in the game - 4 day week

We are publicly proven

We have tens of published case studies from major brands detailing the results we were able to drive. On top of this we have a little black book of clients that regularly provide glowing references and sing our praises.

We are endorsed by the greats

We are SEMrush academy trainers and the authors of the site audit course for SEMrush. This course is taken by 1000s of SEOs to help them get better at technical SEO and integrate enterprise tools into their workflow. 

clients love us

Clients Love Us

We achieve consistently high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) from our clients every quarter with our average NPS score being 80 over the last 12 months.

How will Type A make you go..... AHA!

Simply, we bake our company values of of Upfront, Being Invested, Growing Together, Making Cool Stuff and Balance into our daily work.


Great work means hiring great people

We are proud to call ourselves the 4 day work week “hipsters” as we started as a 4 day company in 2016, before it was cool.

By promoting balance we attract the best talent and create a daily focus that other agencies can’t compete with.

Great people need great incentives

Our team are invested in your success as they ‘earn’ each Friday off by achieving client KPIs week in, week out.

Smart people, smart frameworks

Talking about KPIs, Type A get consistent, repeatable results because of our SEO frameworks for strategy and delivery called REST and BOOM.

Strategy is bespoke but implementation is standardised. This means we can make cool stuff  with more speed, accuracy and predictability.

Standardised delivery, standardised pricing

Our standardised workflow allows for upfront pricing. All retainers are a single flat fee, with interchangeable deliverables, allowing flexibility each month. 

Public Accountability

Our clients love us because of our flexibility as it shows we invested in their business.

This is proven in our client NPS (net promotor score) survey that we publish to our blog so you can read exactly what our clients think of us, warts n’all.

And it’s not just our clients, we are endorsed by SEMrush Academy where we teach thousands of SEO consultants how to implement successful SEO campaigns.


Research, Evaluation, Strategy and Tactics
Research: understanding your market and how customers find and purchase products and services Evaluation: comparing your website to the market standard to uncover gaps and opportunities for organic growth Strategy: finding the optimisations that will create the largest traffic increase at the smallest cost and deciding what we should do Tactics: building an action plan detailing how we should do it


Broken Site, On-Page, Off-Page, Measurement
Broken Site: fixing anything that is under-optimised from a technical SEO perspective. On-Page: creating, updating and optimising content and on-page SEO elements. Off-Page: acquiring high quality links through our digital PR offering. Measurement: measuring against our forecast to make sure that KPIs are being achieved.


Discovery, Ideation, Sign-Off, Creation, Outreach
Discovery: building an editorial calendar around your business events. Ideation: coming up with the ideas for each campaign. Sign Off: the client picks the first 3 ideas. Creation: we implement the 4Ds: Data, Design, Development and Deployment, to get your asset created and on the site.  Outreach: we write press releases, prospect journalists and pitch our stories continuously in order to achieve link targets. 

Our Results

Browse our client case studies to see the great results we’ve been able to drive across multiple industries.

Ready for your own AHA moment?

Publicly Proven

Numerous case studies with client success stories

Clients Love Us

Consistently high quarterly NPS survey scores

Skin in The Game

Team incentivised with bonuses and 4 day weeks

Endorsed by Greats

SEMrush Academy trainers to thousands of SEOs.