Funky Pigeon SEO Case Study

Using custom extraction to build links to some of the UK's highest traffic sites for Funky Pigeon


We were briefed to grow organic traffic to specific product lines by generating op tier links to category and campaign pages to boost overall rankings 


Due to the nature of the products, we knew we had an infinite amount of topics we could legitimately talk about around each major holiday or event from easter to mothers day to weddings. However, we decided to specifically steer away from event based PR and make evergreen pieces that could be outreached on a consistent basis and did not depend on the popularity of a commercial event. 


As we were making evergreen pieces, we needed to first understand the Funky Pigeon audience by researching psychographics on Facebook Audience Insights. From this research we found that the customers were likely to be parents. Therefore, we focused on creating a selection of resources for parents. 

❗️ Results under NDA

To date, we have generated 162 links with the client seeing a 40% revenue increase to the mother's day and father's day subfolders. This piece was also shortlisted for a European Search Award.

european search awards
European Search Awards

Parent Salary Calculator


From some of the facebook groups we noticed that due to the pandemic, there was more chatter around the cost of being a parent and the increased responsibility of being in lockdown. Parents were now expected to be cooks, cleaners, taxi services and now teachers for their children. 

With this in mind, we wondered – if a parent got paid for doing all of these things – what would the salary of a parent be? 

This is where the parent salary calculator was born. 


We scraped the hourly rates for 8 job types across every major city in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. We then aggregated the data to get an average hourly rate per job per city. 


The creative came in the form of a calculator where you could punch in all the hours your were your kids taxi, therapist, maid, etc. along with your location and we would calculate what you could of earned if you did those jobs for someone else instead of your kid to work out your ‘Parent Salary”. 

The creative was also connected to facebook open graph so we were able to share your personalised infographic and actual parent salary direct to facebook to spark conversation and create higher engagement. 

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