SEO for Franchises

SEO is the best marketing channel for a newly purchases franchise business as we can use generic keywords to drive traffic without interfering with your Franchise agreement. 

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SEO for Franchises Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Franchises

Franchises are expanded brands through other businesses but offering similar products and services. Franchises cater to the parent businesses, the franchise owners since they use the same brand name. Therefore, running SEO becomes hectic, especially if the franchise has numerous outlets. However, our experience and know-how can categorise every franchise outlet and relay return and organic traffic accordingly.

There are a lot of SEO tools at play in franchise SEO service. However, they rely significantly on location tools such as Google Maps for directions. Based on the franchise locations, the idea is to use local SEO for franchise management. It should also address duplicate content and harmonise the digital marketing strategy. Luckily, each franchise has a different address and phone number.

We are an authority in SEO matters and can help you cluster each franchise based on its location. Our speciality is all this, alongside SEO campaigns, data management and search rankings. So reach us today and enjoy a seamless SEO experience for your franchise. 

Understanding Franchise Businesses

Whereas business profiles have a single location, a franchise has several branches spread across a large geographical region. Since it is a known brand, customers look for the closest branch to them. With google business profiles, the customer can locate the nearest outlet. The outlet’s location shows up in search results, and you can choose which one to visit. First, however, franchise owners should register their businesses and declare their association with the parent company.

However, that only works if you know the name of the franchise. If your search terms are the services offered, the results will bring up other names. As you set up your google business profiles, consider incorporating the whole SEO package. It will not only improve organic traffic but also improve your online presence.

Google and other search engines only work with what you give them. You can have a well-designed website, but potential customers can only see it if it is optimised. Conducting an SEO campaign might be a good idea, but the whole exercise can be futile if you haven’t created the background for the expected traffic. It is, therefore, advisable to incorporate a franchise SEO service to manage the brand’s online presence. 

There should be a link if several websites are linked to a primary website. Keywords, location and brand names are ways to harmonise these different websites and their structured data.

SEO for Franchises

Large franchises need proper coordination, which can only happen if synchrony exists. It even makes it easier for local businesses to join the franchise. The original digital marketing plan is the anchor from which subsequent expansions originate. Since some keywords, like services, are similar, coordination should be between the holding company and the franchise branches.

Several people visit these online platforms, recording significant impressions. Google and other search engines provide feedback mechanisms to encourage customers to leave reviews. This data is part of the SEO ranking process, which determines its competitiveness. Since feedback management is automated, the SEO set-up should be systematic to manage the ranking outcome in case of negative feedback.

One way to manage customer feedback is to create topical issues online. Each topic should have title tags where everyone can follow the conversation. Consider using some of your keywords as the title tags. It increases the mentions online, which can lure in potential customers through organic traffic. In addition, if each franchise website can participate in the engagement, you can quickly know what your customers think about your service.

The nature and size of the franchise mean SEO is mostly on autopilot. The heavy traffic and several mentions on other platforms make the whole process generic. However, be careful with what you post on the franchise’s main website. The foundation should be as instructed so that any off-site SEO activity builds on an already-made platform. Follow all website SEO guidelines and ensure your site’s health is always good. 

SEO Tools for Franchise Management

Google My Business

As a search engine, Google provided a platform where local businesses could sign up and share their contact information. Besides self-indexing, it localises your business and, if well-observed, can significantly grow your business’s digital marketing. To complement the features available, set up a website where customers and Google can redirect the traffic. Its convergence with Google maps places the business on a high pedestal where anyone with the application can see you. What follows is how you grow its ranking over time. 

Google Analytics 

It gives you the metrics and structured data you can use for business development. For instance, you can see how many people visited your franchise site, their location and how they responded to Google’s review request. 

Google Keyword Planner

With so many franchise and service competitors angling for the same ranking, Keyword planner guides your ranking profile. It also helps with franchise shortcomings such as duplicate content and helps you plan efficiently. 

Google Search Console

It works hand in hand with Google Analytics and guides you in on-site health and indexing. If there is anything that is slowing down your ranking, Search Console will notify you. Essentially, it is a tool that wants you to succeed in your SEO journey. 

Reasons Why We Offer the Best Franchise SEO Service

Our experience with managing search rankings over time is our most significant advantage. Our SEO game is excellent, with assured and quantifiable results. 

We can manage franchise businesses and their online activities. If the franchise owners do not have the in-house capacity, our structures can manage the whole digital infrastructure.

For franchises that want to manage their SEO at the outlet, we can help them set up, advise them on search terms and harmonise the local SEO for the franchise with the head office. 

Part of the training is on feedback management. Google can encourage customers to leave reviews, which can help improve customer relationships. Some will leave an address and phone number. Try to reach out and solve their issue at an individual level. 

If you want to ensure your franchise shows up in search results, call us today and benefit from our extensive experience in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

As SEO focuses on generic keywords that are not associated to a brand name, it is one of the best ways to grow interest in your franchise location without upsetting the master franchisee.