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SEO for Joomla Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Joomla CMS

Joomla is one of the popular content management systems with millions of users. You can enhance the performance of your website with our Joomla SEO services. Joomla content management systems primarily build websites and other digital forms of content. While a Joomla website allows creativity, it is not initially SEO friendly.

Our Joomla experts can revise your site and develop a solid SEO strategy to improve visibility on search engines. We have extensive experience in SEO for Joomla and can fix the faults in your website and grow organic traffic. We know how to navigate Joomla content management systems and fix problems that affect your conversion rates. For instance, our experts will help you resolve duplicate content issues, canonicalisation and page exclusion problems common in Joomla sites.

Why Choose Us?

Technical Expertise

Our Joomla experts have experience developing Joomla websites and installing the necessary features, themes and plug-ins to improve the performance of your website. Our team will enhance the website’s on-page and off-page SEO. We are up-to-date with changes in Google algorithms and will adapt the new strategies to improve your rankings on search engines.

Increased Online Visibility

Our dedicated SEO experts will launch your SEO campaigns to improve your rankings on search engines. We will help you implement an SEO strategy to attract more visitors to your website. Our team will handle keyword research and create SEO optimized content and page titles to increase online traffic and conversation rates. Our Joomla SEO campaigns are successful since we ensure enhanced website performance and implementation of the on-page optimisation process.

Data-Driven Results

We measure our success using Google Analytics. Hence, you can check the effectiveness of our SEO campaigns in improving your online traffic, conversion rate and website ranking. We provide detailed reports on the SEO strategies and work done on your Joomla website. With regular reports and Google Analytics, we can monitor the strategies’ effectiveness and identify improvement areas.

Our Joomla SEO Services

SEO Audit

When developing a search engine and user friendly Joomla site, you should evaluate technical issues. Our SEO experts will conduct a comprehensive SEO audit to identify issues in your website. For instance, we will determine the duplicate content issues in your site or find 404 errors. When you know the gaps in your site, you can develop marketing strategies to improve online visibility and ranking.

Keyword Research

Our team will help you with keyword research to identify relevant keywords for your searches. When you have relevant phrases, you can increase online visibility. We will optimise the focus keywords to be at the centre of the website design and structure. Since page titles are an important ranking factor for SEO, we help you optimise your title tags to make them more visible on search engines. The keywords should also be used in your ALT tags, meta titles and meta descriptions to improve your ranking.

On-page SEO

Our team will improve your organic traffic and conversion rates through on-page SEO for Joomla. Our on-page SEO strategies help you optimise individual web pages to help them be search engine friendly. We also optimise your source code and page content by incorporating your focus keywords in titles and metadata. Users can easily find your site when you rank higher for relevant search terms. Using keywords in meta descriptions increases click-through rates since search engines will rank your page higher for those keywords. Our SEO experts will help you maintain a good keyword density in Joomla.

Technical SEO

Providing a user friendly experience to visitors on your site is critical. Our Joomla experts can help you optimise your site and improve its ranking. For instance, website speed is an important ranking factor affecting your click-through rates. Your visitors will abandon your site if it takes more time to load. Our SEO specialists can help you with technical SEO by making your Joomla site load faster. You also need to check the site’s performance on mobile devices. We can help you create a responsive and mobile-friendly site that allows internet users to access your content on any device.

Link Building and Social Media

You should make your site search engine friendly by providing useful content. Visitors looking for information in your industry will spend more time on your page if you have high-quality content. Our team will help you leverage content by creating a blog that will help you generate search engine and social traffic. We can also build your backlinks profile with various link building and social strategies. When you have high-quality backlinks, they act as traffic magnets since they position you as a brand authority in your industry.

Our team can also help you leverage the power of social media to grow traffic for your site. For instance, we will optimise images for various social media pages and create shareable content.

Joomla Sitemap Setup

A sitemap makes it easier for search engine crawlers and internet users to find information on your website. Our team will help you create an XML sitemap that lists all URLs of the webpage on your website. The sitemap is in a format that Google crawlers can understand to improve your rankings. We will also include an HTML sitemap, a publicly available page listing all the pages on your site. When search engines crawl HTML sitemaps, it helps with indexing and crawling subpages on your site.

Handle Duplicate Content Issues and 404 Errors

Duplicate content can lead to the loss of valuable traffic. Search engines will give you a lower ranking when you have content duplication issues, reducing your conversion rates. We can resolve content duplication issues on your site and help you enforce HTTPS versions. Instead of changing the URLs on your website, we will help you create a redirect to the new site. You won’t have to lose the traffic of the old URL.

Our experts specialise in building SEO optimized sites and improving your search engine ranking. Our Joomla SEO services utilise proven strategies like proper keywords, sitemaps and technical SEO to improve your organic traffic and make your site SEO friendly. With the increased use of mobile devices for online searches, we ensure your site is optimised for mobile. Reach out to our team today by email to receive expert SEO solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SEO theory is the same but the implementation is specialised to the CMS. You need to know how the CMS works, what plugins are used and how to edit the content in the CMS to get the best SEO results.