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SEO for OpenCart Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for OpenCart

OpenCart is a free, open-source e-commerce platform that allows purchasing and selling online products. It is helpful to online entrepreneurs as they help you efficiently manage and build an online store, alongside offering order management, features total customer management, SEO compatibility, and reporting.

What are the benefits of using OpenCart?

With OpenCart, you have the freedom to incorporate multiple languages and allows you to highlight service characteristics and product names in different languages all into your storefront. Regardless of how big or small your business is, OpenCart offers a vast, unique advantage that lets you effortlessly become an international force for e-commerce.

You can detect how healthy your business is as it offers incredible and extensive metrics and reports. Depending on the size of your business, you can filter the data your online business account collects and make adjustments that you feel are suitable for your business. On OpenCart, everything is handled using a well-designed and user-friendly dashboard that provides vital information about your business at a glance.

OpenCart makes it easy to run your e-commerce business on your own. It offers at least 13,000 themes and modules available in the marketplace to explore. In addition, almost every industry, sector, and service have a good representation on OpenCart, allowing the user to use any of the many integrations to help your business grow. You can also integrate eBay, social media, and Amazon into your business to get the sales you need.

Including SEO data into your meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and CTAs will ensure that your site shows up on the first page of search engine results pages. About 75% of traffic to your site comes from long-tail keywords, so they are as vital as the SEO content itself. These long-tail keywords best benefit other pages that may not be ranking as highly as the homepage.

OpenCart stores require stellar content relevant to your business niche and which passes the intended message to the target customers. The data must always be carefully created by a professional SEO content creator with ample hands-on experience in creative writing and SEO.

Email marketing alongside SEO for e-commerce strategies with propel your OpenCart store you your next best level. However, you need to regularly collect emails from potential customers and constantly reach out to them for follow-ups for your business to succeed. SEO for OpenCart will help you develop smooth and ingenious ways of collecting emails without painting a negative image of your brand to your clients. It also enables you to create copies of the emails, newsletters, and CTAs sent out to customers and advice you on the right time to send out the emails.

What are the known SEO issues with Opencart

1. Unique urls

Using SEO on OpenCart creates duplicate pages due to its SEO URL implementation pattern and uses a single pattern parameter path and makes breadcrumbs and the SEO URL structure. These duplicate pages might go unnoticed to the typical user’s eyes, but for Google, this is duplicate content will be flagged and penalised.

2. Comments missing on the first load

Sometimes, the user can find that there are missing comments on the first load. Although it might not be a serious issue in the initial phases, OpenCart loads comment after the page’s first load using ajax. Resultantly, Google fails to notice the comments and does not index them. This makes it hard for the user to easily and efficiently use the platform.

With an SEO agency experienced with OpenCart not only will you be able to talk a familliar language but you will also be able to implement solutions faster as they don’t need to learn a new platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

The platform that you use does not make a difference to your SEO success. As long as we can edit pages, add content and build links to category pages, we will grow your e-commerce revenue with SEO.