SEO for Nursing Homes

Advertising your nursing home and all it’s benefits can be hard in a single ad, that’s why SEO is the best way to increase awareness about your nursing home business. 

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SEO for Nursing Homes Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes SEO to Grow Your Facility

Nursing homes provide specialised care to seniors who need help with daily activities like dressing and bathing. Individuals who can’t live independently are typically placed in these homes to continue enjoying a safe and dignified life. Starting a nursing home business can be challenging, but it is equally as rewarding. Since you need to generate income from this business, it is essential to market your services to potential clients.

Digital marketing is emerging as the most important way of selling services to clients. This is because most people will use Google to find suitable nursing homes for their loved ones. Failing to use an SEO strategy can make you miss out on many opportunities since potential clients may not even know your business exists.

What is Senior Living SEO?

Search engine optimisation is a digital marketing method that tries to get your website to rank higher on Google. An SEO strategy can involve many different steps. We have to target customers by running keyword research using different tools. These tools will also show us the phrases your competitors are using so that we can fill any gaps in our keyword strategy. It is also essential to use keyword research tools to keep track of any changes your competitors make over time as this will help you stay competitive.

We will use these keywords to create content and blog posts for your site. The most important phrases must be placed strategically in the titles, introductions, and sub-titles. We will also use them in the title tags and meta descriptions. This will help your site rank higher for searches containing these phrases.

We also take time to carefully pick the type of content for your site. We will only create content that is relevant to your target audience. Otherwise, you will only get website visitors who aren’t interested in nursing home services. We will also decide on the type of content by evaluating the keywords used by your potential customers. It is important to place keywords naturally in blog posts. Stuffing keywords in the articles will increase the bounce rate as they will be difficult to read. A high quality article will be better for search engine optimisation as it will keep readers on the site for longer.

Website optimisation is also a major consideration for Google. Search engines will prioritise sites that can be used conveniently on mobile phones since most people browse the internet on their smartphones. You should take the time to build a high quality site that has a high load speed. If your site is slow, many people will leave before they even have a chance to explore the services of your assisted living facility. You can speed up your site by getting a fast and reliable hosting provider. You should also optimise your images by saving them in an appropriate format like JPEG or PNG.

If you use images on your website, you should use alt tags to help Google determine the content of the picture. Another way of optimizing your site is by using header tags. These will help Google understand the main points of your page. It is also essential to use internal links as these can make your site easier to navigate. Internal linking also makes it easier for search engines to understand the structure and hierarchy of your website.

Local SEO Strategies for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes typically target customers in a specific region, and this means you should apply local SEO strategies. You can start by completing your Google My Business profile. While platforms like Yelp are essential, most people will first discover your business through Google My Business. You simply need to add basic details on the assisted living facility. Some of these details are your name, physical address, and mobile number.

You also have to find location-specific keywords for your business. If you’re targeting clients in many locations, you can create different pages for each region. Make sure these keywords are included in the title tags, meta descriptions, main headings, and introductions.

Next, you have to focus on social media marketing. Take time to find out which social media accounts people use in your region. Some of the common ones are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If members of your target demographic use these platforms, you can create social media accounts and start interacting with them. You can do this by participating in group discussions or posting solutions for various questions. If done right, social media marketing can increase the number and quality of backlinks you have. The result is that Google and other search engines will rank you higher for certain keywords. This is because you will seem authoritative on matters regarding the senior living community in your region.

Getting known in your local community will also improve the chances that people will recommend your assisted living facility.

Monitoring and Analysing the Results of Senior Living SEO

The point of SEO is to improve your ranking on Google, and it is important to continually check whether you are approaching this target. We usually use tracking tools like Google Analytics to see how the site is performing and whether there are any areas requiring improvement. We will also monitor the website traffic to see whether there are any changes over time. These tools will tell us where the traffic is coming from. This could be organic searches, referrals from other sites, or even social media platforms. We can use this information to determine how to divide our SEO efforts.

Aside from this, we have to track your conversions. This shows us how many visitors to your site ended up checking their loved ones into the senior living community.

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SEO can be complicated and time-consuming. You can call us today for a consultation on SEO for your senior living community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Nursing Home services for loved ones is an emotional experience which requires lots of research, due dilligence and care. Advertising is too short to get across your USP and all the great benefits of your busing home. but with SEO you can write content about how good your nursing home is and market long form information to potential buyers.