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SEO for Architects Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Architects

Almost ninety percent of digital purchasers in the commercial architecture industry use the internet and seo services to research possible products or new employees. Therefore, if your potential customers cannot locate you online, you have already missed a good client conversion rate. If you want to increase your website’s visibility and credibility with your target audience and the architectural community, search engine optimization (SEO) is where you should put your digital marketing efforts. Here are some measures you can take to enhance the search engine optimisation of your architectural firm’s website and social media pages:


1. Make Mobile Friendliness a Top Priority Marketing Strategy


It’s certainly not shocking that mobile devices have overtaken computers as the preferred internet access method and for SEO services. A phone is far more practical for online browsing than a desktop. According to estimates, nearly 75% of people across the globe will rely only on their cellphones to access the internet by 2025. In other words, mobile compatibility should be a primary concern for your website traffic since smartphones are not going anywhere soon.


Check it out for yourself and seriously consider how your architecture company’s web page SEO appears and functions on a mobile device’s smaller screen. You have undoubtedly seen the term “mobile-responsive” used to describe websites. Your webpage’s content and layout will be optimised for viewing a web page on a mobile device. Any potential customer who visits your site from a smartphone or other portable device will have a better time. If your site is not optimised for mobile devices, it might be destined for failure. Clients will leave your architecture business’s website traffic in a hurry if it is not mobile-friendly and with well meta descriptions.


2. Get Involved with social media Marketing Strategy


Consider the benefits of social platforms for your architecture practice before writing it off. To reach your target audience, you need to be where they are, and social online platforms is the perfect tool. You should treat your online media accounts like extra pages on your website. Share internal linking to your web page, blog posts, photographs collection, and case studies of recently completed projects. Additionally, you can share glowing feedback and anything else you want to highlight on business listing websites like google and other search engines.


Keeping active participation is crucial. Follow up with possible business associates and customers; if you find what they have shared interesting, like or comment on it. Likewise, if they leave a remark on one of your posts, answer it. Always keep an eye on your direct messages on the digital media site. Hiring a digital marketing firm specialising in the architectural industry may be worthwhile if you want to keep up a favourable and active profile on the social media platform of your choice. Actively maintaining your architectural firm internet social accounts may help you attract more of the clients you want to work with.


3. Create a Blog Post and Place it on Your Website


Including a blog with quality titles and meta on your website is one of the most effective page SEO strategies for increasing your architectural firm visibility in search engine results. With a blog post, you may increase your website’s visibility in search engines while providing potential customers with helpful and informative content. The information demonstrates your organisation is comprised of skilled SEO experts. This is because you have created a one-of-a-kind, high quality link building content that incorporates applicable keywords and provides solutions to the problems those prospects are experiencing.


The more link building articles and other material you add to your site, the more of a destination it will become, full of information your target audience will find both interesting and valuable. google and other search engines will appreciate you if you include relevant keywords and backlinks in your blogging; as a result, your site’s search engine rankings will improve rapidly. In addition to establishing your expertise in your field, your blog posts boost your online credibility through precise meta descriptions. If you commit to blogging weekly or monthly, you will get up to 67% more leads than architectural companies that do not blog.


Google is the first place a potential customer goes when they need a solution to a question or issue. If you have a blog with good titles and meta entry that addresses these concerns, interested parties will be more likely to follow the internal linking to your site from search engine results and read your material. As a bonus, they will consider you the authority to turn to for all their architectural questions.


4. Improve Your SEO Strategy of Keyword Research


The use of inappropriate keywords is a common blunder made by architectural SEO companies. A common practice among some businesses is to do a fast Google search on a topic pertinent to their field and then adopt one of the top results as their keyword. In all honesty, if you want to climb the search engine rankings, you will not go very far with that SEO strategy. However, many see the value of purchasing a keyword research tool. If you are utilising one, resist the urge to go with the term that has the most monthly searches.


Likely, the bigger SEO companies in your business are already spending a lot of money to dominate search engine results pages for your industry’s most valuable keywords and phrases. However, you and your team can be wiser and take a more refined route to keyword research to attempt to win it rather than spending much money to battle for it.


Using a term with a decent search volume will guarantee that people are truly looking for it, but a low keyword density will show that you can rank for the phrase without spending a fortune on advertising. If you want a winning blog topic, try using long-tail keywords. These tend to have more specific user meanings and should perform better than single phrases.


5. Architectural Search Engine Optimisation Services


Should you use a professional SEO service or do it yourself to improve your architectural website’s conversion rate rankings in search engines? If you are just getting started, it is worth considering doing some SEO work on your own. Improve your site’s search engine rankings by using the advice in this article. Although the benefits of SEO are substantial, learning and implementing SEO strategies into action and overcoming obstacles may take a significant amount of time.


Given the time commitment involved, it’s no surprise that many architecture businesses use outside SEO expert for help. A good SEO agency know what they are doing and can deliver on their promises, saving you a great deal of time and maximising your SEO’s potential. It’s important to use an SEO agency that has received several positive evaluations and has a track record of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

50% of all web traffic comes from a search engine. The keyword architect firm gets searched 25,700 a month globally. There are over 1000 variations of the keyword that people search for, with each keyword ranging from 20 searches to 720 searches a month.

In short, lots of people are looking for an architect via search engines, so it makes sense to optimise your architectural firm’s website to capture some of this demand.

Marketing is usually split into the areas of Bought, Owned and Earned Media. This means you can buy ads to promote your firm, do digital PR to spread your brand message or build your website to attract people via search engines.

Architects need to develop a marketing funnel to generate a steady supply of leads to their website. You need to convert people from random searchers and passive content consumers to active content consumers via your email newsletter or social media feeds. The easiest way to do this is with an SEO program that captures the latent demand of people looking for your services.

Architects get more clients by lots of different channels from word of mouth to attending industry events to advertising. The trick to sustainable, high quality, lead generation for architects is to create a marketing machine that is independent to the principle architects in the business or the partners. This way you can have an independent marketing team growing the firm without the need for constant input from the most skilled architects with the highest charge out rates.