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Technical SEO Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a process performed on a website to make it quickly crawled and indexed by search engines. It involves optimising the website through search engine optimization, creating an internal link to articles and developing a content strategy. If the website optimisation is done perfectly, your site will appear among the first on the search results when anyone searches the keyword, the basis of digital marketing.

There are a lot of technical and analytic activities that go behind SEO development. The peak of the process entails web page indexing and a subsequent rise in ranking on search engines. It also involves analytical and technical efforts to match the market leaders over time. Each feature has a ranking factor that must be optimised to gain the required minimum.

Other processes include website hosting, domain name, site structure and general site health. You will enjoy faster loading and a better user experience when your site is fully optimised. As a technical SEO agency, we are here to help you through the process from start to finish. 

Understanding Technical SEO

There are two main Technical SEO divisions; on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO covers the actual website work to increase its search engine ranking. It covers page content, images, HTML (hypertext markup language) and URLs. The process involves your activity on the website that contributes to indexing and crawling.

When you hyperlink an article to another article on the same website, it has a technical effect on the website’s rating. As a result, pages interconnect, which improves web pages’ coherence. Other notable activities associated with on-page SEO include keyword usage, page meta descriptions and high-quality content development.

Off-page SEO are activities carried out online with direct pointers on your website. They are mostly article or service links of your website on another website, for instance, backlinks. If the other website is highly ranked on the search engine, it significantly boosts your rankings. The link is a vote of confidence other notable websites have on your website.

The more off-page SEO links your site has, the higher you get on search engine rankings. As a result, you start getting organic traffic, your site speed increases and subsequent website pages are crawled and indexed faster. 

You need a competent SEO company to optimise your website and make it easier for search engines to index it. With these features, your website is ready for digital marketing. Google Business has several tools that can make your site optimisation journey seamless. 

Google Tools that Make Technical SEO Easier

Google Analytics

It is the most popular and practical data analysis tool for digital marketers. You can track both promoted and organic traffic, which you can use for online marketing. As the ranking improves, search results increase, proving that technical SEO services enhance online visibility. 

The results are in real-time, which helps to plan for the move. For example, you can see the impressions and user engagement when conducting online research, social media posts and email marketing. In addition, this feedback mechanism is instrumental in creating a customer feedback management policy.

Google Search Console

Google has several tools that oversee different web analysis features. Collectively, they are structured data markup, summarising data into quantifiable knowledge. All these tools make up the Google Search Console. You can compare each tool’s data alongside the other, forming a technical SEO audit.

Some of the features recorded on Google Search Console include:

  • Page crawling – the number of times the search engine crawled the web pages in a day, month or after 90 days. It also pinpoints the crawling errors over the same periods. 

  • Page indexing – of all the pages on your website, you can see the ones indexed. If not, Google might pick and index everything over time. Therefore, sharing your page with Google is advisable for faster indexing. A search console tells you how many website pages are indexed and their percentages. 

  • Content and page duplication – if there is any repetitive content on your website, it reduces your SEO score. The search console will give you the data of repeated pages or phrases on the website. 

Google Keyword Planner

You can research and manage keywords on your website using the Keyword Planner. It documents trending keywords in your area of specialisation and estimates the monthly search volumes.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts reminds you of your SEO plan per day and the performance of your keywords online. In addition, it will notify you if other websites are quoting you, using your keyword or reporting you. 

Other equally essential tools include Google PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test and Google Trends. Contact us to help you manage your website for this and other technical SEO services. We are among the best technical SEO consultants in London. 

Factors to Consider When Sourcing for a Technical SEO Company

Competence and experience – there are numerous processes to carry out over time, and the technical SEO agency should be conversant with everything. The agency should handle issues like site structure, search engine optimization and site speed in record time for faster crawling and indexing. 

SEO Specialists – content is vital in digital marketing. Therefore, they should know how to write meta descriptions, use an internal link, keyword frequency and spreading, and other ranking factors in SEO optimisation. 

Strategic planners – they should know when what to do and its effects on website ranking. The structured data markup should be straightforward for consistency.

Creatives – their experience as technical SEO specialists should give them leeway in crafting memorable SEO strategies. They do not need to cross-check every decision for concurrency. 

Why We Are the Best Technical SEO Consultants

We guarantee a memorable user experience for your customers. Your website will be lighter and rank highly on search engines after some time. 

Our process has a technical SEO audit infrastructure which examines and recommends areas that need improvements.

As technical SEO specialists, we offer an all-around website revamp. We will also train your online marketing staff on DIY activities to help grow the website ranking over time. 

More importantly, we will set up, train and guide you on using Google SEO tools. If you need our services or clarification on any issues, please get in touch with us by email anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical SEO is the process of auditing a website to optimise the code so that Googlebot is able to crawl, render and index all pages and then rank them favourably.