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SEO for Startups Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Startups

SEO is fine-tuning a website to rank higher in search engine results, attracting more visitors who are more likely to become paying customers.

Experts in various areas of SEO, such as agencies, consultants, and freelancers, provide these services to help generate leads for your small business and improve your brand awareness. Technical SEO, Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation, On-Page SEO, and Local SEO are the mainstays of most services provided by SEO agencies; however, some companies specialise in just one, such as Off-Page SEO. 

An SEO company can also help your webpage with keyword research, SEO content creation, and link building. This article will explain the different types of SEO services and their benefits. 

Services provided by SEO agencies

1. SEO Analysis

It’s the method of evaluating your website’s performance and figuring out whether or not it achieves its long term goals. What influences a visitor’s organic search can be identified.

The SEO audit helps identify issues with on-page optimisation, user experience, technical SEO, off-site concerns, website architecture, and competitive market data.

2. The Analysis of the Competition

Search engine optimisation (SEO) competitor analysis improves a website’s visibility in search results by examining case studies like its rivals’ content, keywords, links, and other factors.

Finding out who your real-life SEO rivals are, what keywords they’re using, what content marketing techniques they’re employing to outrank you, and what ground you need to cover in your SEO campaigns (including blog posts, articles, and more) is all made easier with a thorough marketing strategy examination of the competition.

3. Individualised Approach

Steps, an outline, and a plan to improve your website’s search engine rankings are all part of unique SEO strategies. To implement a tailored SEO strategy, one must first compile a set of relevant subjects, long-tail relevant keywords, and content to be used across all of your small business site’s pages.

You can compress any files before uploading them to your website, put up a blog with relevant content every week, increase page authority for the blog, and make a link building plan.

4. Off-page Optimisation

SEO off-page optimisation should be a part of any company’s SEO strategy. It’s a marketing strategy for influencing search engine results using means other than your site. For instance, adjusting one’s backlink profile can improve search engine rankings.

Outsourced SEO campaigns may include but are not limited to the following: pushing your content on the website to web admins and bloggers, tracking brand mentions throughout social media platforms, creating shareable material for your site blog, and more.

5. On-page Optimisation

SEO lead creation services also include on-page SEO optimisation. An SEO agency’s primary goal will be to improve your site’s visibility in major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Some of the things an SEO company might do for you are to check your site’s information, make any necessary changes, make a sitemap, optimise your site’s photos and relevant keywords, and conduct an analysis of your site’s layout, speed, and usability.

6. Reports Every Month

The agency’s efforts are communicated to the client monthly through a performance report that provides an overview of the site’s success across search engines regarding targeted domain metrics, ranking, and organic traffic.

Clients can track their progress and justify continuing to invest in SEO lead-generation services with the help of these monthly reports. There’s an overall summary, some suggestions, some developments, some insights, some rankings, some backlinks, some CTRs, some keywords, some traffic channels, and some SEO stats.

7. Maximised Performance with Extraordinary Optimisation

To maintain your online presence, it is essential to invest in SEO services from a reputable firm. Working as an extension of your company, an SEO outsourcing firm will consistently improve your site’s performance through advanced optimisation.

After ensuring your site complies with all SEO best practices, a good SEO firm will keep looking for new ways to boost your site’s visibility, expand your customer base, increase your conversion rate, and boost your digital marketing return on investment (ROI).

Benefits of SEO to your small business

1. It’s a Time-Saver

Practical advantages can be gained from using an SEO firm. The most significant benefit is the time it saves you. DIY SEO requires a significant investment of time and energy before you can expect to see any returns.

It’s aggravating and might make you quit before you make any meaningful headway. However, when you hire a professional SEO agency, you know the work will be done quickly, effectively, and efficiently. It frees up your time and energy to devote to other aspects of your company.

2. Reduces Expenses

A skilled SEO service may help you save money, which is one of the service’s most valuable advantages. Avoid spending money on potentially ineffective advertising by having them optimise your site for search engines.

You may save money on advertising costs and boost your website’s visibility with the help of search engine optimisation strategies. Additionally, SEO experts may assist you in keeping an eye on your site’s performance so you can make adjustments to boost its visibility and search engine rankings.

3. It’s a great way to attract more eyes to your website

You should hire an SEO firm if you want more people to visit your website. The more visitors your site gets, the more prospective consumers you have.

Boosting your website’s SEO will increase its visibility in search results and bring in more visitors. Last but not least, hiring SEO experts who employ appropriate content development can help you make your site more accessible and informative, two factors that have been shown to boost visits.

4. It’s an excellent tool for staying ahead of the curve

SEO is crucial to every successful online marketing campaign. You may optimise your site to attract more visitors and buyers with its support. Keep ahead of the competition with the help of professional SEO services that focus on local SEO optimisation for modern search engine algorithms.

It can potentially increase your site’s traffic and lead to more purchases. Boosting your brand’s legitimacy and trustworthiness through SEO can also lead to more significant sales and satisfied customers.


According to previous case studies, digital marketing strategies like SEO content creation can boost your conversion rate and increase your brand awareness on a long term basis. You can improve your site’s organic traffic through organic search from your clients with the right SEO campaigns like keyword research, link building, mentions on social media, and more. An SEO agency can help you avoid the google penalty on unnatural links in content marketing. 

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By investing in the right content pieces and link acquisition methods you can see serious growth within a 6 month period.