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SEO for storage Companies Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Storage Companies

SEO Storage Companies: How it Can Increase Your Revenue

Starting a storage company can be fairly difficult. Depending on your location, it can also be challenging to find clients. The most cost-effective marketing method you can use is search engine optimization. This marketing strategy aims at getting you to rank higher on search engines like Google. In the long term, search engine optimization or SEO will prove to be more cost-effective than methods like pay per click. With pay per click and similar marketing methods, you will have to make ongoing payments. On the other hand, the results of SEO for storage are long-lasting, and you don’t have to make payments continually.

 Another reason why you should use an SEO campaign is to boost the credibility of your company. Most people will only trust your storage companies if they rank higher on search engines like Google. Having a strong online presence also makes it easier for people to post reviews of your storage facilities. This works as social proof and lets potential clients determine the kind of service they can expect from your storage companies.


What is SEO for Storage?

 SEO for storage refers to the methods a website owner can use to take their page to the top of the search engine results for relevant keywords. In other words, anyone searching for storage solutions in your region should be able to find your storage facilities on the first page of Google. An SEO agency can follow many steps to get you to rank highly on Google.

 First, the SEO agency will use keyword research tools to find out which phrases people use to search for storage units. Keyword research is essential since Google will use these terms to determine whether your site answers the query posed by the potential client. We use several high-quality tools to find relevant keywords, and these tools even scan the phrases being used by competitors. You need to take note of the most competitive keywords since these have to be targeted more aggressively. Otherwise, it can be difficult to rise to the first page of Google search results. Most people neglect long-tail keywords and only focus on short-tail keywords. Long-tail phrases can be extremely useful since they are more specific and indicate what exactly you have to offer.

 With a list of relevant keywords, you will be able to start creating content for storage units. Make sure you use the phrases naturally in the texts, and you shouldn’t stuff several terms throughout the texts. If you overuse keywords, the articles will be hard to read, and this will hurt your search engine optimization or SEO efforts. Your SEO strategy should focus on providing high quality and valuable content as this will keep readers on your site for longer. This won’t just boost your chances of getting a client; it will be picked by Google’s algorithm and will show that your site deserves a higher rank.

Your SEO strategy also needs to include link building. Internal links are essential as they show search engines the hierarchy of your site. They also make it easier for visitors to go through your storage business website. External linking also optimizes your website. These can be harder to obtain, but they are even more important than internal links. This is because they signal the quality of your website to search engines. Sites that have many external links are usually considered valuable and will get a better ranking on Google search results. However, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of chasing many low-quality backlinks. It is better to have fewer backlinks from high quality websites.

There are many methods you can use for link building. You can start by seeking out sites that accept guest posts. These sites will let you link back to your pages and enjoy free SEO. Another great method is to ask your business partners to add links leading to your website. Creating engaging visual content will usually prompt other website owners to give you backlinks. Similarly, most people will be ready to create links to sites with high quality content. This is why you shouldn’t compromise on quality by stuffing keywords in the articles.

 Social media can also be a great way of generating backlinks. This marketing strategy involves participating in relevant community discussions. Some social media users may be impressed with your expertise and will want to link back to your storage business articles.

Using Local SEO for Your Storage Business

Local SEO is essential for businesses that are limited to specific geographical places, including storage solutions. This SEO campaign method makes it easier for local clients to find your business. To improve your local SEO, you will have to use keywords that are focused on your region. For example, you can include the phrase ‘storage units in London’.

You also have to add updated information to your Google My Business profile. The details include your business name, physical address, and telephone number. Aside from Google My Business, you can complete your profile on other local directories like Yelp. This will make it easier for clients to find your facilities. Also, encourage them to leave reviews of your services. This will serve as social proof. By helping Google determine the quality of your service, getting reviews optimizes your website.

Why Hire Us for SEO?

SEO is a complicated and time-consuming activity. You will need a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of this marketing method, and this time could better be spent running your business. Also, you will find to keep up with the changes in Google’s algorithm. As experienced SEO experts, we know what the search engine checks when ranking websites, and that means we are more capable of delivering the desired results. That means you can expect to get more web traffic, which is likely to translate to more clients and more revenue for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People do not follow storage companies on social media. This means that outside of advertising the most effective marketing channel is SEO.