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Fashion SEO Agency Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Fashion

The fashion industry is fiercely competitive, with fashion brands fighting for their products to be seen by potential customers. Hence, your fashion website needs to be optimised for search engines. Our experts provide digital marketing for fashion brands, and we can help you twitch your eCommerce SEO strategy to increase organic traffic and improve conversion rates.

The fashion industry is unique due to constant changes. For instance, fashion trends change regularly, and consumer needs also shift. For your fashion eCommerce business to stay on top of the competition, you need to boost your online visibility. User-focused digital marketing is vital in elevating your position and creating a beautifully-designed platform to market the clothes and fashion items you sell.

Our fashion SEO service helps you improve user experience. For instance, we can help you tighten up your technical SEO and improve your site performance. In addition, our SEO team will introduce SEO tools to boost your conversion rates.

Why Is SEO Crucial For Your Fashion eCommerce Website?

Search engine optimisation helps improve your search engine ranking by improving user experience and site performance. An excellent digital marketing strategy is effective in positioning your eCommerce stores. Some of the benefits of optimising your company for SEO include:

Attracts more customers: On-page and off page SEO is vital for fashion stores since it generates organic traffic. Our SEO team will help you improve your rankings, increasing your products’ organic search. A good site experience helps you attract traffic and convert more visitors to customers. Hence, our technical team will improve the site speed and make your website mobile-friendly.

Gain online visibility: While your site may have the latest fashion trends, you need to keep your business up-to-date with upcoming trends to stay ahead of the competition. Our experts will help you gain traction and online visibility by introducing SEO campaigns to showcase your brand and make it visible on the search engine result page. Gaining visibility enables you to keep up with the blazing speed of the fashion industry.

Increased sales: Having a user-friendly website keeps your shoppers engaged. The SEO strategy also involves introducing valuable content to provide useful information for your customers. Users can find the fashion items they want when the site is easy to navigate. Gaining organic search and driving more traffic to your business increases your sales.

What Are the Crucial Fashion SEO Strategies?

Technical SEO

Organic traffic drives sales in fashion, and you need a user-friendly website to keep customers engaged. Our team can assist with technical SEO to ensure your site provides a good user experience, keeps visitors engaged and boosts sales. When users spend more time on your site, Google recognises your site as relevant and useful to online users, which increases your search engine ranking. Some of the page SEO components we handle include loading speed. Customers can browse through hundreds of products when your website loads faster. Our team will also help you create call-to-action buttons. CTAs are vital for user experience, prompting users to add the products to their cart or wishlist. We can match the CTAs to customers’ buying intentions depending on the fashion items you sell.

Keyword Optimisation

When you sell fashion items, you need competitive keywords to stand out from other eCommerce stores. Our team will help you with keyword research and find relevant search terms to generate traffic to your site. We ensure the keywords drive valuable traffic and improve your position on the search engine result page. For instance, if you sell clothes and shoes, we can identify long-tail and short-tail keywords that match the items in your store. Our team will also optimise your meta titles and meta descriptions with relevant keywords to improve the visibility of your product pages.

Content Marketing

Most fashion websites have product pages detailing the specifications and prices of the fashion items. While product pages improve sales, you can introduce valuable content to keep customers engaged. Setting up a fashion blog boosts your ranking and drives valuable traffic to your site. Users always search for useful information on the latest fashion trends and tips. When you write blog posts with fashion information, you keep your leads on the website longer. Valuable content reduces bounce rates and helps you build a backlink profile by establishing yourself as a brand authority. Our team can help you keep your blog content fresh and leverage your blog posts to gain a strong backlink profile.

High Quality Visuals

SEO for fashion brands involves image optimisation since you rely on pictures to sell your items. You need high quality product images to make them attractive and boost direct sales. Hence, you should ensure the photos present reality and showcase the products in an attractive light. Since image file size can slow down your site, we recommend image optimisation to ensure your website loads quickly. Our team will help you with image compression and editing to ensure the photos have good quality.

Mobile Optimisation

Most online searches are done on mobile phones. Hence, SEO for fashion brands should focus on optimising your site for mobile. Your fashion website should be mobile-friendly to make it easier for customers to navigate on smaller devices. Besides, Google has moved to mobile-first indexing, which means a website that works on mobile devices ranks highly on search engines. Aside from responsiveness on mobile devices, your site should be easy to navigate with attractive product pages. Your fashion items should be organised on product pages that are easy to browse and shop.

Get Started With SEO for Fashion eCommerce

If you have a fashion brand, you need to leverage on-page and off page SEO campaigns to boost traffic to your website. Our fashion SEO service will help you develop a digital marketing strategy to boost online visibility and increase sales. We can also create a fashion blog and useful content to improve your brand reputation. Contact us by email anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. 

If you are releasing a new collection to the world SEO will not benefit you. However, if you have an ecommerce site where you are looking to sell your garments then SEO can dramatically increase the revenue to your fashion business.