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Growth Marketing Case Studies

Our SEO Approach To Growth Hacking

Business sustainability is the hallmark of growth, especially in the face of increased competition. Getting an excellent growth marketing agency can help you reinvent and stay competitive. There are many ways to approach growth marketing, but digital marketing is at the forefront. Its reach, persuasive nature and growth make it a lasting marketing option for most businesses.

Unlike other typical marketing campaigns, growth marketing emphasises brand growth. It explains the journey from the onset, the achievements met, and the future plan. The company puts its customer at the centre of the growth and asks them to support the brand moving forward. Growth strategies sometimes include corporate rebranding, name change, moving business premises or merging two entities.

The work of a growth marketing agency is to explain the journey, develop content and coordinate event activities. It is a creative job which requires a unique skill set, long term planning and data analysis. We are among the top growth marketing agencies in the United Kingdom with tangible experience in such marketing campaigns.

The Importance of Growth Marketing in a Business

Understanding Your Customer Base 

Growth marketing is analytical and gives insight into the engagement patterns between the customer and the business. Every customer interaction adds up to an online data bank. With social media, these interactions grow exponentially over time. You can use the data to manage customer expectations, match demand and supply and enhance the conversion rate.

Value for Money

Compared to traditional marketing, growth marketing is cost-effective since it is data driven. Every action you take has some basis, which saves you from experimenting. Small businesses can benefit from this practice, as every investment counts. There are several case studies in academia and the corporate world to corroborate this assertion. 

Connecting With Your Customers

Growth marketing campaigns on social platforms are a rich source of information. You get immediate and unfiltered feedback, which can help customise or improve a product. Pick a topic, share it and engage your client base. Growth hackers are excellent feedback managers who implement some of the views of their clientele. 

Business Development

Data analysis from growth campaigns is easily accessible. Social media is a ready platform where businesses can widen their reach for more customers. Unlike traditional marketing with a predefined reach, social platforms have no geographical boundaries. You can expand your search and engage customers anywhere in the world.

Monitoring and Evaluation

If you are good with data and impressions, information gathered from these exercises can create a unique execution approach. You can track the performance of every customer and monitor growth over time. Most marketing growth hacking strategies owe their success to this feature. 

Roles of Growth Marketing

Above the Line Marketing

As part of the process, growth hackers handle marketing, only that they are definite with what to expect. Social media offers a suitable feedback mechanism to help gather data for long term planning. Case studies show that over 3.2 billion people are on social platforms, accounting for almost half the world’s population. 

Email marketing is also still an effective marketing channel. However, creativity and facts can influence the response rate. It is a dedicated growth channel for classic executives who still believe in research and processes.

Brand Marketing

For a wholesome brand experience, a growth marketing agency can do a 360 marketing plan. It is a culmination of growth strategies that bring the product, service and company publicity. Such an approach works well with product launches, business expansions and low-demand products. The aim is to link the company to a product.

Other services within growth marketing circles include content development and promotion, surveys and managing marketing automated tools. 

Business Growth Strategies Explained

Business growth marketing is for existing companies that have been in the market for some time. Primary marketing should have taken place for comparison reasons. These early stage interventions give the business a foundation for growth marketing.

Some of the interventions for growth marketing include:

Professional digital marketing – it includes technical issues like landing pages optimisation, meta descriptions and general SEO optimisation. 

Data driven email marketing – instead of sending promotional emails, share some insightful research pointing out the state of the industry. Consumers can relate to and appreciate the work done to the brand, product or service. 

Estimate business outcomes – Predictions are essential since they help craft lasting planning and budgetary appropriations. It also estimates the conversion rate and sales projections. 

A good marketing strategy should have the customer in mind. Since we are improving on the original marketing plan, the outcomes generated should be more precise and effective. The growth marketing team should be good with data analysis and give fast implementation results.

To get a near-perfect response, create a dedicated growth formula that matches customer expectations with the product features. Top growth marketing agencies have mastered the art of customer engagement and feedback. Deviate Labs is an excellent example of a growth marketing agency. They can develop a long term plan or work as growth hackers. Its clients include the most prominent corporate brands in the UK.

Why We Are the Top Growth Marketing Agency


We guarantee sustainable growth over time, from early stage marketing to case-specific promotions. In addition, our approach gives workable feedback that ensures an easy conversion rate.


We train your growth marketing team on repeat actions like content development and management for continuity. 


Our incomparable experience makes it easy for respondents to participate in our growth campaign. Besides deviate labs, we are one of the few top growth marketing agencies that use SEO to attract respondents. 

All-round Agency

We are SEO experts, meta descriptions developers and crawl fixers, among other technical bits. Applying these skills to our marketing strategy makes it 360° business growth, and our clients include those undergoing expansion, rebranding or launching a new product. This advanced marketing growth hacking makes our agency a one-stop-shop for all business growth needs. 

Data Driven

We rely on data for evaluation and decision-making in all our growth marketing projects. Any marketing strategy with a lasting vision should consider emerging market trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tactics are similar but the execution is different. For example, SEO will drip feed optimisations over time but growth hacks will implement faster and programatically to gain faster hyperbolic growth.