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Grow your accountancy firm with smart SEO strategies specifically designed for accountants from an SEO agency with depth of knowledge in the financial services sector. 

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SEO for Accountants Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Accountants

How does our SEO for accountants service work?

All accountancy firms – whether they are made up of dozens of qualified accountants or just one or two people – can benefit from attracting more customers. This is where the high quality SEO services we offer can be so useful. Not only do we make it more likely that you will attract more potential clients by gaining a rank higher than your competitors when particular search terms are entered into the likes of Google, Bing and so on but we will also help you to convert more site visits into new customers. Want to know why our search engine optimisation services are a cut above and why we have such a great reputation in the accounting industry? Read on to find out.

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation for Accountancy Firms

To begin with, SEO for accountants is already a competitive field. The accounting industry in the UK already has many firms that offer very similar services to one another. Unless you do something very niche or different to your competitors, therefore, it is hard to attract potential clients and rank higher on search engine results pages by simply making your site mobile-friendly or fast-loading. You need to go further with marketing professionals in SEO for accounting firms.

This is exactly what we offer – a high quality approach to SEO that doesn’t just mean tweaking your website design but gearing it entirely to help you be among the top results on search engine results pages. Our SEO for accounting firms means focussing on exactly the sort of customer profile you’d like to attract. For example, perhaps you only want to see big corporate companies visit your site after they’ve searched online. There again, some accountants want to operate by attracting more individuals, sole traders and smaller contracting firms, for example. By segmenting the market in this way, it is easier to establish the sort of SEO keywords for accountants that will make the most sense when marketing your firm.

As an example, SEO keywords for accountants who want to attract SMEs might include ‘enterprise accountancy’, ‘start-up accountants’ or even ‘tax return for self-employed’. On the other hand, SEO for accounting firms that want to operate at the more corporate end of the market might be based around keywords such as ‘professional accountancy’ or ‘ multinational accountants UK’, for example. Either way, a laser-like focus on relevant keyword searches is what helps to make one accountancy firms stand out from another.

Local SEO and Accountancy Firms

Along with relevant keywords, our approach to keyword research also includes adding localised terms that might be relevant in your case. Local SEO means adding local business terms to the keyword research. As such, we might end up targeting search terms like ‘accountancy Essex’ or ‘accountants in South London’, for instance. A local search could also include your firm’s phone number if you happen to have a local area code instead of a mobile number. Note that this sort of strategy should be run in tandem with your company’s Google My Business profile so your firm ranks higher and is included in map-based searches as well as conventional ones.

If you have multiple addresses, then your Google My Business profile can still work with a local search. Just add a landing page for your Birmingham site, if you have one, so that local searches in the Midlands and directed there while, for instance, a local business search in Edinburgh will direct to a landing page specifically set up to capture traffic in the area. In short, we can help you with a local SEO campaign whether you have just one base of operations or many and whether or not you operate regionally, nationally or even internationally. Remember, too, that a local search might not even include localised terms but be entered into a mobile device in a particular area. If capturing passing trade like this appeals to you with a dedicated web page, then we’d be delighted to set one up for you.

Developing Your Accountancy Firm’s Web Presence

With carefully chosen keywords, it will be possible to help your web presence grow. That said, keywords alone can only do so much in terms of SEO. You will also want to make the most of your web pages as time goes by with link building. Simply put, link building helps certain websites to rank more highly because the algorithms behind Yahoo and Google, among others, tend to rank sites with links from authoritative sites more highly than those without them. As the world wide web develops, so search engines expect ‘good’ sites to have readable blog posts that connect back to them. We’ll use reliable third-party sites to link back to your site to help with your link building strategy.

What’s more, we’ll have relevant blog posts written for you that you can host on your site and that will link back to it from elsewhere. This is essential for ongoing success with SEO these days and something that all the forward-think accountancy firms now do either to build their rank position or to maintain it. Of course, blog posts should also feature on your social media sites, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, if you use them. Social media need not be entirely focussed on SEO for accountancy firms as it can provide different sorts of content but it can be a powerful tool when you are trying to promote your company and want to build your brand presence.

Please note that all of your site’s landing pages should be audited to ensure that links to and from them are working properly. Dead links or web pages without meta descriptions can mean you’ll rank lower than your otherwise should. In fact, meta descriptions appear on search engine results pages and must always be readable if web surfers are to choose your website over the others available. This is an often overlooked part of SEO strategies that we will work on carefully so that your phone number is more likely to be called by prospective clients who have checked out what your website has to say.

Want to find out more about how we can help to promote your accountancy services online? Feel free to get in touch right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is one of the most effective lead generation channels for accountants as Google actually tells you how many people are searching for your service each month.

As accounting is a challenging and complex subject with lots of questions and answers around profit and loss, tax, vat and filing, your customers are in search engines looking for answers to their accounting questions.

The easiest way to win new customers is to simply write about your expertise and optimise the articles with the correct SEO.

SEO in accounting is the process of optimising your lead generation or brochure site to capture latent search demand for your service.

Yes they work incredibly well as you are able to target people according to location, email address and keyword. This means you can define your perfect client and effectively market to them at the point of need and only pay when someone clicks your ad.

You play to your strengths. If you are a social butterfly you should start a youtube channel. If you are a buddy writer you should write blog posts. If you like standing about doing nothing all day you should wear a sandwich board ad next to a busy train station.

50% of all web traffic is via a search engine. The term accounting alone has hundreds of thousands of searches per month. So if you want to grow your accounting firm in a predictable and cost effective way SEO is very important.