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SEO for Doctors Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Doctors

So, you’ve set up your medical practice and need to start marketing your services. There are several advertising options you can explore. However, doctor SEO will prove to be superior. It will eventually cost you less money and will offer better results when compared to methods like pay-per-click ads. In our experience, optimizing your website will boost your reputation and level of authority in the field. The result is that you will be able to achieve your business goals faster.

How to Grow Your Medical Practice with SEO

In today’s digital landscape, applying an SEO strategy is essential for all medical practices. Most people today search for doctors on platforms like Google and Bing. Without doctor SEO, you will be missing out on lots of patients in your region.

We always start by optimising doctors’ websites for local SEO. This involves adding your business name, address, and mobile number (NAP) prominently on your site. We’ll also claim and verify your Google My Business listing. This business page allows doctors to provide important information on their practice, and this includes details like the business location, phone number, business operating hours, and the services offered. Google My Business works across the entire Google search ecosystem, including Google Maps. That means people who look up your business on Google Maps will get all the useful details about your practice. The patients can then call you or visit your office.

Our SEO experts also run research on the terms and phrases that your potential patients will likely use to find your business. We use many different tools to find the most useful phrases. These keywords won’t just be dumped in random places on your website. Instead, we will create useful articles and incorporate the keywords naturally. SEO for medical practice may require keywords that are commonly searched online like ‘hospital near me’ and ‘gynaecologist’. If you are a primary care physician, we may incorporate keywords like ‘family medical’ and ‘family doctor near me’.

Aside from using keyword research tools, we use competitor analysis to see how other doctors are ranking their sites. Keywords with high levels of competition are targeted more aggressively with other SEO strategies, including link building and proper phrase placement. Using the right keywords ensures that your site ranks highly for those phrases.

We also aim at creating high-quality content for your website as this will keep patients on the site for longer. The bounce rate signals the quality of your website to search engines, so we try to lower it as much as possible. It is also worth noting that other sites will be more likely to link back to your pages if you use high-quality content. Link building helps search engines determine your type of content, as well as the value of your site.

We also have to monitor and optimise the performance of your site. This involves the use of tools like Google Analytics to track your website traffic and performance. By following the trends in your website traffic, we can identify areas where we can optimise the content of your site. Aside from Google Analytics, we use tools like Adobe Analytics and Mixpanel. Some of these tools can even be used for competitor analysis.

Mobile and Local SEO for Doctors

SEO for medical practice must include mobile optimisation. This is because most patients use their smartphones to find suitable physicians. You also need to understand that Google favours websites that are optimised for smartphone and tablet screens. Again, this is because the Google search engine understands that many people use their phones to access the internet.

As your SEO strategy consultants, we will ensure that your website fits well on smartphones and that it is highly responsive. Potential patients should be able to access your business page quickly as they may need to give you a phone call. At the same time, we will ensure that all articles on your site can be scanned easily on small screens. Another way we improve your mobile SEO is by using alt tags to describe images.

Local SEO is equally important for doctors who are searched online. By using local search engine optimization, you will be able to promote your practice to patients at the exact time that they need the service. For example, if a potential patient searches for ‘doctor near me’ and ‘primary care physician near me’, the search results will include your practice.

The first step of local search engine optimization is to claim your Google My Business listing. Whenever patients look for medical services, the search results will include accurate information about your business. We also have to get your business listed on other online directories, including Yelp and Yellow Pages.

The Importance of Patient Reviews in Medical Marketing

Your medical marketing strategy must include patient reviews. If your practice has a high rating and positive reviews, your rank on Google searches will improve. Positive customer reviews also increase the trustworthiness and credibility of your medical practice. Potential patients will be more likely to visit medical practices that have received more positive feedback.

When working on your marketing strategies, we will add an option of leaving feedback. You can encourage your patients to leave their reviews on your site. We will also use comments from third-party platforms, and these are generally considered more credible. This is because a doctor can’t manipulate the reviews on third-party sites.

We Can Help You Meet Your Goals

Our team is skilled and experienced in SEO. We constantly keep up with changes in the Google algorithm and can ensure that your site always ranks highly on search engines. Our marketing strategies are guaranteed to boost the success of your medical practice. Give us a phone call today! We’ll be glad to give you more information on our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, from highly commercial practices such as plastic and cosmetic surgery to general practitioners, we can design an SEO strategy to ensure you get the right type of patients through your door.