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Whether you are an artist, musician, actor or author your work deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. So when people search for your work your SEO strategy should put you in the spotlight. 

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SEO for Creatives Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Creatives

The creative industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding places to work. Being able to make your creations come to life to positively affect the world and enrich peoples lives is one of the most noblest of pursuits.

However, when it comes to monetisation and marketing, the shine starts to come off the creative industry. In most verticals inside the creative SEO space, there is extremely high levels of competition at both a local and a national scale. Due to this, it’s important to be able to source a competent SEO agency create a robust SEO strategy that understands the customer journey of a client buying creative services for the first time.

Lead Times

Many prospective clients for creative businesses do not simply wake up one day, type a keyword into Google and convert. In fact, they almost never do. When a new client is looking to buy creative services, their journey starts months before they actually make a purchase.

So with each client, needing your services at completely different times of the year and for completely different reasons, we need to build a SEO strategy around high lead to sale times.

To do this we start with your content and understand what your prospective clients want to see at each stage of the funnel: from conversational to informational to transactional.

Showing Your Work

A huge part of converting new clients on your website is showing your work via a portfolio or show reel. This is a great way of exhibiting your creative work but it’s also a great way of slowing down your sites loading time to a snails pace. As site speed is now a core part of Google’s algorithm it’s essential that your work is optimise for speed, especially on mobile devices.

Showing your best on a tiny screen

On the topic of mobile devices, we also know that most of your traffic comes from people searching on their phones. This is great for quickly finding and accessing your content but it’s terrible for really showing off your best work.

Therefore, we balance our mobile SEO strategy with the SEO best practices for creative websites with the best possible view of your creative work.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a large social media following and tell people to look for tickets, albums or books that you have created online, you need your result to be number 1 not some reseller or venue. This is where SEO comes in – you own the user expereince for everything you do online – not a 3rd party.