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"...There is no 'i' in Type A."
(OK, that's just a coincidence... but we'll take it)

Ross Tavendale

Managing Director

70% Links
20% Spreadsheets
10% Shameless self promotion

Ross has been an SEO consultant since 2008, originally cutting his teeth in big box agencies with blue chip businesses he has been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the world from to Etihad Airways. He is now the managing director of Type A media, where he spends all of his time obsessively working out how to move the needle for his clients every day.

Stuart Edwards

Lead SEO Consultant

33.33% Memes
33.33% Gourmet Coffee
33.33% HR Liabilities

Stu is the lead SEO consultant at Type A Media and is in charge of the strategic direction of the SEO department. He spearheaded our digital PR offering which led to the agency building over 1500 links from top shelf newspapers and magazines . Stu has a serious coffee addiction, so much so that he started a side business called the Roast Club, that sources the most expensive gourmet coffee from around the world and sends it to fellow caffeine fiends in a monthly subscription box.

Michelle Vickerman

Senior SEO Consultant

75% Screaming Frog
20% Tennis
5% Stern Selfies

Michelle is a senior SEO consultant who is in charge of some of our biggest clients. Originally gaining a degree in fine art, she quickly saw the error of her ways and moved to a life of screaming frog. Following on the exotic animals route she also taught herself Python and is a self proclaimed tech head. Michelle is a tenacious tennis player who is currently trustee woman at the Southwark City Tennis Club and captain of the first ever women’s team at the club. She was also previous a commonwealth games swimmer.

Dr Nina Mikulin

Senior Technical SEO Consultant

96.86% Code
3.14% Pie
0% Small Talk

Nina is our resident PHD with a brain the size of a planet. Originally studying in Anthropology, Nina has moved her focus to computer science and code, where she now makes all of the tools and custom software that all Type A to get more work done than any other SEO agency. A keen climber, Nina can often be found scaling a piece of sheet ice on the edge of a mountain in her native country, Slovenia. 

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