Bower Collective SEO Case Study

64 links across the mainstream media for an Eco Friendly Brand


The client engaged Type A as an SEO and Digital PR client to:

  1. Grow organic traffic and rankings to their Shopify store

  2. Increase brand presence and raise awareness about plastic waste

  3. Create content experiences that educated their customers and informed journalists

Table of Contents


As the site was build using the Shopify CMS we already knew the areas that we needed to spend the most time on when it came to technical and on-page SEO. Therefore, we planned to blitz all technical issues and brief all content creation and content optimisations in only 3 months – quite the challenge for a 1000 page website. However, using our in-house tools and creating a custom implementation plan for the client we worked with their junior team to get all of the high priority SEO work completed quickly so we could then turn our attention to link acquisition via digital PR campaigns.

As the brand was a startup, we knew that speed was the most important factor to their success. Therefore, we planned in a whopping 8 interactive pieces of content marketing to be created within a year. This meant that our publishing cadence was 3 weeks to design, develop and deploy and 3 weeks to pitch and outreach.


Each piece of creative was designed to fit into multiple events in the editorial calendar so we could continually pitch the clients content marketing pieces to the press throughout the year. We opted for a mixture of 1st and 3rd party data from Government and NGO sources in order to build out all of the creative assets. This gave journalists insider information from the client as well as recognised data from an authority source to back up the story. 

Upcycle Nation Campaign


With single use plastics and built in obsolescence being commonplace across most industries, we wanted to explore how hard it was to make, do and mend. To stop consuming and start reusing. To do this we created the upcycling index, a tool that highlights the best places in the UK to upcycle your belongings. 


Our index considers the number of upholstery and furniture repair shops, home improvement shops, antique shops and the number of second-hand furniture listings online, to reveal the best towns and cities to repair, reuse and transform old furniture per capita.

The data was acquired through Google Maps API and Type A web scraping to build the database for the tool.


We created an interactive map that zooms into each location you want to inspect to see the areas ranking. 

Mini Eco Warriors Digital PR Campaign


As part of the briefing process, we researched the marketing personas behind the brand to find that new eco conscious parents were one of the main consumers of the brand. With this in mind we set out to create a piece that highlighted the best place to live if you want to raise a mini eco warrior. 


The data collection for this asset was a big public data scraping exercise to pull in every farm, family friendly nature days, second-hand children’s clothes stores, number of allotments and a host of other data points that would be important when raising a mini eco warrior. 


We chose to create an interactive ranking table that allowed you to sort the data based on the data point most interesting to you. We also knew that journalists in local outlets would want to zoom into the data about their specific location so we cut the data by location. 

Less Wasteful Digital PR Campaign


Every household in the UK produces a certain amount of waste and a certain amount of recycling per year. But we wanted to find out where the least wasteful town in the UK was by comparing recycling rates to waste rates. 


This data came directly from the government. We pulled several CSVs and combined the data by location and aggregated it, ready to be put in a database. 


This creative approach called for a simple sliding scale showing each of the main contributing factors to producing waste and recycling. 

We also created a location slicer that lets you dive into specific locations waste and recycling data. 

Environmental Careers Digital PR Campaign


Our ideation framework shows that making assets that fit peoples identity, are useful to the end user and break or confirm a social bias do incredibly well. 

After also consulting our editorial calendar we knew that stories about sustainable jobs were going to be incredibly hot in the press. 


As Type A constantly ingest data into their own master data journalism database we knew we had lots of job data including salary, market growth rate, vacancies and minimum requirements. So we queried our database and cut the data by sustainable job types to produce the baseline data for this asset. 


We created an interactive table that lets you mix and match the data to see any presentation of the data that you want. With multiple slicers and filters the table allows you to drill down to exact sectors and filter for the highest salaries and the lowest entry requirements. A truly useful tool for people looking to work in a sustainable job. 

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