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Wix has built lots of new SEO innovations into their CMS that we can help you take advantage of to grow your website traffic. 

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SEO for Wix Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Wix

SEO is a vital element of running an e-commerce business, because it attracts new visitors to your website. Also, SEO-optimized websites deliver a better user experience, which boosts conversions. The 2014 report from Wolfgang Digital showed that forty percent of engagement with e-commerce platforms originates from organic search results. This engagement, the report claims, accounts for forty-one percent of conversions. Moreover, data from Search Engine Watch indicates that top ranking websites enjoy a 36.4 percent CTR (Click-through Rate). Undoubtedly, these figures demonstrate the benefits of effective brand promotion and advanced targeting – facilitated by SEO. The challenge is to achieve high search engine rankings, in the face of fierce competition for numerous keywords.

Wix has established a reputation as an easy-to-use website builder, due to its intuitive dashboard with drag-and-drop features – and its massive selection of high quality templates. Suffice to say, Wix SEO tools suit small businesses well. With title and meta options for website pages, this toolkit gives small businesses a head start when it comes to ranking. Even newly built Wix websites have been known to rank quickly with Google. SEO for Wix obviously has a big impact therefore, because new domains normally take a while to appear in organic search results.

Wix website owners have a smaller learning curve to go through than owners of Joomla, Drupal or WordPress websites. With the Wix Website Editor, you can navigate to different pages and make changes easily, by clicking the relevant images or text boxes. In addition, the Wix SEO Wiz app allows you to monitor your progress, while you carry out the actions to optimise your site. This is great for staying organised.

It is simple to add new text boxes, images, forms and buttons in Wix, by dragging and dropping these elements onto pages. Often, search engines use sitemaps to analyse your website pages, before indexing, prioritising and ranking them. Websites without sitemaps take longer for search engines to evaluate, which – in turn – causes you to miss out on profitable traffic. Wix addresses this issue and does the heavy lifting for you, promptly generating XML sitemaps and updating them straightaway – whenever you add new product pages, landing pages or blog pages, etc.

All of this results in fresh, new, keyword-related content, which is precisely what Google wants. It is fair to say then, that the user-friendly nature of Wix’s platform – which enables content to be published and updated quickly on a regular basis – greatly facilitates SEO for small business. It is often said that, to rank highly, you should publish content frequently, become an industry expert, and grow your website into an informational resource about the products you sell.

In terms of advanced features, Wix is not the best website builder on the market, however it is highly suitable for small businesses. No coding skills are required to use Wix, and it is not necessary to fiddle around with widgets or plugins. The Wix dashboard has in-built SEO functionality, and it is simple to connect Wix websites to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics – which both benefit SEO considerably. Wix allows you to showcase your website content effectively, and this is a great way of performing well in search engine results.

All websites on Wix can have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates enabled, and you can use HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) to encrypt and authenticate your data. As well as helping to secure sensitive information, HTTPS is one of Google’s lightweight ranking signals. Even if you do not collect personal data from the visitors to your website, you will still enhance your SEO by capitalising on Wix’s offer – and taking measures to use HTTPS on your site.

In all likelihood, when designing a website, you concentrate on its desktop appearance. However, in 2017, traffic from mobile devices surpassed desktop traffic – and Google gives priority to your mobile website for indexing and crawling. Fortunately, Wix websites are completely responsive and work fine on mobile. Get into the habit of previewing your website’s appearance on mobile and desktop though. And, don’t forget, Google will rank and index your mobile website, so – if there are any features that display on desktop only – Google will not factor these into its search ranking.

Although Wix had certain SEO problems historically, updates to the platform have resolved previous issues that stopped Wix websites from achieving good rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

No CMS is good or bad for SEO. You can achieve organic growth on any system including Wix.