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SEO for Wealth Managers Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Wealth Managers

Professional SEO for Wealth Management Businesses

There are various marketing strategies that wealth management companies can employ but few offer the cost-effective results that search engine optimization or SEO does. Unlike traditional media advertising, for example, SEO is designed to improve the stature of a financial services company in exactly the areas that the business in question operates in. In other words, you can harness SEO to target high net-worth individuals, family offices or people who are on the cusp of retiring depending on which demographic happens to be your focus. 

Any financial planner who provides wealth management advice as a part of their business offering can benefit from our professional SEO services by making them more prominent on the search results pages of Google and other search engines. Want to know which SEO best practices will help your wealth management firm rise up the rankings on search results pages? Read on to find out why so many financial planners make use of our SEO marketing expertise.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO in Financial Services

To begin with, all digital marketing strategies must offer quantifiable results. Unlike print media advertising, SEO can provide all our customers with the chance to track which of their prospective clients have discovered them through web searches. In short, successful content marketing that aims to attract potential clients from certain groups will provide you with metrics about how many visitors have visited your website who wouldn’t have done without an SEO strategy. Furthermore, those customers you convert from prospective clients into paying ones will also be quantifiable, allowing you to discern your return on investment (ROI) with ease.

Of course, professional digital marketing should help to provide improved search rankings with Google and the other search engines regardless of the sector – whether it is wealth management we are talking about or not. That said, understanding the profiles of potential clients is more important in wealth management than in many other sectors. For one thing, you’ll want to know any prospective clients you obtain from your digital marketing campaign have sufficient assets to be of interest. This is where our expertise in wealth management content marketing comes to the fore.

Successful Marketing Strategies for Wealth Management Based on Relevant Keywords

One of the factors that marks our SEO work out from other digital marketing agencies is our ability to find the right sort of terms for wealth management advisors. Relevant keywords will differ depending on the exact nature of your business but could involve conducting keyword research into terms like ‘retirement planning’, ‘inheritance planning’ or ‘high net-worth tax strategy’ among others. We’ll work closely with you to tailor your website’s content with just the right number of keywords to help you rise through the search rankings without overdoing it – stuffing too many keywords with a scatter-gun approach.
What this means in terms of SEO best practices is using keywords in meta descriptions, article titles and sub-headings, for example. We’ll provide you with well-written blogs that provide marketing information but that are also friendly to Google-bots so that our keyword research provides search engines with the sort of high-value content they favour. Note that meta descriptions are particularly effective in this part of SEO because this is the text that actually appears on search engine results pages, or SERPS.

In addition, we will make sure that there are no parts of your website that are holding you back in terms of SEO. For example, website content that is redundant or that links to third-party sites which no longer exist ought to be removed. Not only will this make your website more professional to anyone who browses it but it will also make it more SEO-friendly, as well.

Local Searches, Wealth Management and Free Tools

One of the best ways to start obtaining data in an above-board manner when people visit your site is to offer them free tools. In exchange for some basic information, such as their email address, you can offer would-be customers a free calculator tool, for example. Maybe this would offer an estimate of how much an annuity might be worth at retirement, for instance, or provide a date-at-which-you-can-retire calculation.

There again, we know that SEO services often need to be handled locally. Although some wealth management advisors operate internationally, some only work in their home country or region, offering face-to-face consultations. If you fall into the latter category as a financial advisor, then local SEO is likely to be of benefit to you. Essentially, local SEO means gearing your site up to function well when localised terms are entered, such as ‘financial advice London’ or ‘wealth management Edinburgh’. When local searches use local terms, you can have landing pages that are specific to a particular city or region. This is ideal if your offices are in Birmingham, for example, but you want to attract more customers in Cardiff, Carlisle or Cambridge.

Note, too, that local financial advisors can take advantage of local SEO by capturing more inbound traffic from devices that are used for searches in their area. For instance, if you operate in Croydon and someone uses a smartphone to look for ‘wealth management advice’ without also entering a local term such as ‘Croydon’ or ‘Thornton Heath’, then your business should still appear near to the top of the ensuing results if the device has its locational data turned on. Many local financial advisors obtain so-called passing trade from people nearby to them simply because of this powerful part of any localised SEO marketing strategy.

Are you interested in getting the sort of search results your competitors in wealth management do? Would you like to find out how we can help your financial services firm gain a better level of brand awareness and start to get the attention it deserves? Have you considered how to filter out the wrong sort of inbound enquiries so you’re more focussed on the ones that count? If so, we are ready to speak to about SEO and all the ways it can help your business to grow. Contact us by email anytime.

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SEO is the process of building useful content that your clients are searching for related to managing their wealth and portfolio.

As they search for investment tips, tax rules and any other wealth management theme you show up in the search results and convert them to a new client.