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Type A are a professional SEO agency based in London that work with national brands to grow their organic traffic. 

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Professional SEO Services Case Studies

How we deliver Professional SEO Services

Did you know that over one billion websites exist on the internet? Google has indexed over 30,000 billion pages. That means internet users have many search results for what they are looking for. Having a beautiful website is important, but without the help of professional SEO services, you will likely remain invisible. When a user initiates a search, they cannot see sites that aren’t optimised. Hence, optimising your site improves your visibility. Our SEO services are focused on helping you apply search engine rules and improve the visibility of your website.

Our SEO solutions aim to increase quality traffic to your website, and you can convert it into potential customers. Using our SEO company helps you position your website in search engines for long-term traffic generation. Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, SEO continues to draw traffic even when you aren’t working to strengthen it.

Why Choose Us for SEO Services?

Our search engine optimisation SEO services are tried and tested and have helped many website owners to increase visibility. Our SEO strategies are designed to improve your Google rankings. Here is why you should choose our SEO experts:

Proven Results

Our experts guarantee traffic growth to your website and better conversion rates. We help you rank better for numerous competitive keywords and improve the rankings of your web pages.

A Blend of Skills

Our SEO experts have a blend of skills. Hence, you will enjoy the services of digital marketing and content development experts. Our team has creative and technical skills, including the business know-how to maximise SEO results and ensure you get the best for your budget.

Proven SEO Process

We have curated a result-driven process to improve your search engine optimization SEO. You can monitor what we will do for you and the results we expect from each step of the SEO process.

Best Practice SEO

Our team ensures the SEO practices are compliant with Google’s best practices. Hence, you don’t have to worry about Google penalty and spammy links.

Clear Reporting

We provide tailored reports to help you track the progress of your website rankings. You can check your key performance indicators from our dashboard and monitor the progress of the digital marketing campaign and SEO results.

What Kinds of Professional SEO Solutions Do We Offer?

Google has weeded poor SEO practices, and websites need to adhere to policy guidelines in SEO optimisation to avoid Google penalty. Our SEO solutions involve the following:

SEO Strategy

We aim to improve your website’s search engine ranking with tailored SEO strategies. We develop a strategy with your business in mind. For instance, if you have an e-commerce store, the strategies will differ from a service company. Hence, our team ensures the SEO practices, including on-page and off-page SEO, align with the goals you wish to achieve.

SEO Audits

For us to deliver expert SEO solutions for your business, we conduct an SEO audit. In the audit, we test the accessibility and indexability by reviewing your metadata, site performance and site architecture. We also review on-page ranking factors and analyse your content for your target keywords. The audit also involves checking off-page ranking factors like your historical standing in relation to Google site policies. We also undertake a competitive analysis and review what works for your competitors. From the SEO audit report, we can provide actionable steps to ensure future improvement.

Technical SEO

When we have a tailored SEO strategy to improve your online visibility, we start with improving the technical SEO. Our technical SEO approaches focus on improving your website’s technical features and eliminating server issues hindering organic rankings. That means we will focus on the site’s architecture and structure, improve the loading speed and ensure a seamless user experience for internet users.

Local SEO

If your business has a physical location or offers services to clients from a specific area, our team will help you leverage your local SEO to improve traffic to your business. We will help you appear in Google Maps, Google SERPS and local business listings to enhance your visibility in the area. We can help you identify geo-specific keywords and help you build local citations to improve your authority and online visibility.

Target Keyword Research

Finding relevant keywords unlocks big opportunities for your business. Most internet users use keywords to type in a search intent to the search engines. Hence, having relevant keywords for your niche and the products you sell makes you discoverable on the internet compared to your competitors. Our experts will conduct thorough keyword research and identify the relevant search terms for your business.

SEO Analytics

Our SEO campaigns are successful because we regularly analyse the results to ensure the strategies work for your business. We use key performance indicators to identify the analytics to measure success and ranking. Our SEO analytics covers off-page, on-page and local SEO, including social media statistics.

Content Development and Marketing

Content development is important in online marketing for improving conversion rates and boosting rankings. We analyse your content and the impact it has on your rankings. We update and refresh your content to enhance brand visibility and authority. We also have a content marketing team that delivers SEO content to improve your organic traffic.

Link Building

Aside from creating top-notch SEO content, we help you build links to your site. Link building increases your online visibility and positions your business as an authority.

Skyrocket Your Sales With Our Tailored SEO

If you want to multiply your organic traffic and improve sales from your website, we can help you achieve your goals. Our team uses different SEO techniques to improve your rankings. Since every website is unique, we tailor our SEO practices to suit your business. Our SEO company ensures you earn more leads and conversions by leveraging your content, keywords and social media pages to improve user experience and rankings. You also get an exceptional return on investment since the SEO practices provide long-term results and make your website an authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most professional SEO agencies will have credentials decks and case studies showing successful campaigns.