SEO for Charity and 3rd Sector

Whether you work for a charity, 3rd sector or NGO we have experience growing traffic to raise awareness and collection donations for your cause. 

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SEO for Charity Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Charity

SEO is beneficial to all organisations, whether they are profit or non-profit. The SEO process is the same only that carrying out an SEO audit for charity uses fewer or no resources. Resources used to manage charity organisations are donations from well-wishers, mainly covering the core business. Therefore, as much as charity organisations strive to be competitive online, they should consider the cost.

Several free search engine optimization SEO tools can generate good search engine rankings for charity organisations. On the other hand, professional organisations like ours have subsidised costs for non-profit organisations. However, they must prove their validity and show their activity before getting the discount.

The free tools start the SEO process, but they may fail to give you premium services. However, they can still make your website rank higher on search engines if well done. You must develop content strategies, create content, understand the search terms, and optimise every page. For example, if you have a blog page, consider internal linking on articles and ensure that the content on the landing page is high quality and fully optimised. 

SEO for Charity

Charity SEO services keep non-profits high on the organic search, although they have to spend little or no money. Most SEO and keyword research tools have a basic profile or a trial phase that they can use. However, they can only do the bare minimum, which is sometimes all they need to appear in the search query. 

You need to understand keywords in your sector. These are words used to refer to the practice, activity or service. For example, charity organisations dealing with food and nutrition can focus on keywords such as hunger, malnutrition, donor aid and starvation. You can utilise several free keyword research tools to guide you on unique keywords to make the organisation visible to a bigger audience. 

Social media is also an excellent alternative for reaching out to people and donors. It shows your work, planned activities and calls to action initiatives. However, there must be some background website content that users can access through social media links. Social media platforms are also backlink generators since they are popular with people. 

Besides the above plans, you can use strategic tools such as google analytics to help quantify your data. For example, the tools allow you to understand organic traffic on the website and the conversion rate based on your calls to action. If all this is done correctly, your charity organisation will give good search engine rankings, even without using premium services. 

If you want to rank higher on the search engine results pages SERPs, we are here to help you. In addition, we have a customer-friendly package for non-profits. 

Performing SEO Audit for Charity

Get Your Preferred SEO Tools

Ensure you have all the SEO tools you need, either low-cost or the basic version. Consider getting Google Analytics since it gives you an overview of SEO growth and development. In addition, there are several keyword research tools and search engine optimization SEO to consider.

Indexing Every Page on Your Website

Write Meta descriptions for all pages on the website. Create content for each page with keywords to enable page indexing. If all pages are correctly indexed, it improves the website’s search engine rankings. 

Test the Website’s Speed

Consider using PageSpeed Insights from Google to monitor your website’s speed. Page bouncing can reduce organic traffic by over 100% if the landing page takes more than 6 seconds to load. The faster the site loads, the better it becomes. It improves the user experience since loading search results becomes quicker.

Website Encryption

Get the SSL certificate from your web hosting to secure your website. The search engine uses website security as a ranking feature to refer visitors to your website. 

Mobile Friendliness 

The majority of website visitors use their mobile phones. If your website doesn’t have mobile features, it significantly reduces its ranking. However, website designs from WordPress have an automatic mobile version. Test your website and optimise it for mobile users. 

Comparison With Other Charity Websites

As you grow the visibility of your search engine results pages SERPs, compare your website with others in the same industry. The comparison shows what you need to do to improve your rankings. 

You can use the statistics you get on Keyword Planners and SEO trends as future content strategies. Of course, your website has to out-rank or be at par in search terms with its competition to get on the first page.

On-Site SEO

Internal linking is the first thing to test. Ensure all your links are active since broken links affect SEO ranking. You can choose from several link checker tools. 

Off-Site SEO

Just as you check your internal link, consider checking backlinks. They are your referee to other notable websites. Similarly, you can use any backlink checker and amend or replace your broken external links. 

The reason for these checks is to keep all tabs clean. Any broken cycle negatively affects SEO ranking. It also shows you the problem and how to resolve it. Talk to us if you need expert advice on SEO and how to interpret these reports. Once everything is settled, submit your website or page links to Google for indexing. 

Why We Are Your Best Choice for Charity SEO Services

We Are the SEO Masters

Our background in SEO development and management makes us the best option. We specialise in generating high quality content and SEO tools management. With good SEO management, you get a higher conversion rate and increased visibility on organic search.

We also understand keyword planning. Each of the web pages on the website must have the keyword to increase its ranking on search engines. The result is increased indexing which improves its chances on the search query when you type the keyword.

We Are Charity Friendly

We have the best rate for charitable organisations for premium services. There is also free training on SEO issues that require fewer technical activities. We do it as our contribution to humanitarian organisations. Our goal is to ensure that their online platforms have a positive user experience and appear at the top of the search result.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the easiest ways to raise awareness for a cause is to rank your article and opinion pieces related to things that are happening in the world related to your charity.