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SEO for Lawyers Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Lawyers

Marketing is increasingly becoming digital, with potential clients embracing the internet in search of legal representation. As a result, law firms are optimizing their websites for easy and faster online visibility. They optimise each web page and assign a specific ranking keyword. If you want your law firms website to stay ahead of competitors, consider embracing SEO for your law firm.

Legal services require extensive online marketing like all other business sectors. The only thing that differentiates legal assistance from other services is the terminologies. They are numerous, and the best way to master the terms is to create a web page for each keyword. In addition, it will improve the results page SERPs ranking, pitting your law firm against the best in the market.

We will show you how to do SEO for lawyers and how we can help you attain a higher score in search engine rankings. We focus on technical and analytic marketing with guidance on sustaining your rankings on search engine optimisation SEO.

Technical SEO for Lawyers 

There are several factors you need to look into when settling for SEO. However, the biggest is terminologies. Every page or feature should have a pointer, either a service or legal activity. Some of the most common words in legal marketing include:

• Lawyer

• Attorney 

• Family Solicitors

• Legal Advice 

• Litigation 

• Commercial Lawyer

• Civil Lawyer 

• Business Law 

The above keywords are short and precise, which makes them harder to rank. However, the process will be successful if you have an excellent legal marketing strategy. 

Blog posts are ideal for keyword density, and there are infinite articles you can write on legal services. When planning the articles, identify a keyword, create high quality content, post it on the blog page, and do optimization. Such content significantly improves the website’s organic search results on blog posts keywords. Your conversion rate will increase since potential clients can easily find you using the article’s keyword.

Most importantly, sign up for Google Business. The platform provides statistical analytics for your business. It also gives you data on how many impressions your pages receive and the actual number per page. With such data, you can estimate your most extensive customer base and concentrate on making it even better. 

Your website should also be well structured for easier analysis. It should have all the required features for faster indexing. We can handle the technical SEO for you if you need the capacity and know-how. We also do high quality content with a positive impression on your search engine results pages SERPs.

How to Improve Legal SEO Through Google

Google has several tools to help improve your website ranking. Since they have the platform and content, your marketing strategy should revolve around these tools for better results.

Google My Business

It is a tool that records your location, contact information and other business details. Indexing is faster since it synchronizes with Google Maps. The next time you search “commercial lawyer near me”, the legal firms that appear have listed their services on Google My Business. 

Google Analytics

It is the data centre of Google, recording every action and impression on your business. From the location of the visitor to time spent on the website and the type of browser used, Google Analytics is a must-have. So register your law firm s website on this platform and enjoy quantifiable data on your keywords. 

Google Keyword Planner

You need the Google Keyword Planner to know the most common keywords used in legal services. It gives you the frequency and patterns to help you plan for legal SEO. Get this tool and move to the top of search engine rankings.

Google Correlate

It is a comparison tool that gives you possible keyword combinations that can rank your business at the top of your industry’s competition. While Google keyword planner gives you the most preferred keywords, Google Correlate presupposes the best-suited legal SEO keywords. It gives you total control over SEO for your law firm.

Other essential SEO tools from Google include Alerts, PageSpeed Insights and Mobile-Friendly Test. These three are primarily monitoring tools that give you an overview of your website and guide you on other progressive SEO activities. 

Ranking Factors to Consider When Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Area of Specialisation – be it civil, criminal, family or commercial law, your forte must be clear. Centre your search engine optimisation SEO around these keywords for maximum traction. 

Meta descriptions – this is a brief description of the web page. Since they appear in the first sentence when searching, they should contain the keyword. Meta descriptions are shortened versions of the page or blog post content.

Search Engine Results Pages SERPs – you should optimise every page on your website, complete with ranking keywords. Consider your services and expertise as your keywords.

Consistency – organic search results come after consistently doing SEO over time. Ensure you attain the bare minimum of all the ranking factors to improve your search engine ranking. 

High Quality and Consistent Content – you should write an article at least once weekly. A 1000-words article is ideal and performs well when indexing and analyzing. Ensure you use your keyword at the beginning and space them out in the article.

Why We are the Best Legal Marketing Company


We are one of the best SEO agencies in London. Our experience traverses across all sectors, including law, with tangible results to show. So reach us today and benefit from our expertise.


We know the technical SEO process takes some time to show results. However, we are with you on this journey, ticking all the boxes and fulfilling all obligations. We also tailor-make every experience to handle every project differently. This way, you can continue with the process even after the end of the project. 

Strategy and Competence

If you do not have a marketing policy for your law firm, we have ranking factors to help you. Our processes are tried and tested with significant results. In addition, all our staff are specialists, guaranteeing results in their area of specialisation. 

Value for Money

Our charge sheet is elaborate, giving you value for each activity. It gives you the expected results for every action and your role in consistently growing the law firms website. Consider working with us and benefit from our immense experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Law firms have a major marketing problem – differentiation. 

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to be number 1 wherever your clients are looking for your service. 

With 50% of all internet clicks going via Google, a strong SEO program will help you dominate the legal space.