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SEO for Dentists Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Dentists

Dentistry is a fast-paced, competitive market, and with so many things to attend to, dentists may not have the time to develop an SEO strategy. But they still need to attract local patients to their practice. 

The days of traditional local business directories such as Yellow Pages are long gone, and getting your site to the top of the search engine results page makes the difference between attracting patients and losing customers to your competitors. Today, 97% of customers use search engines providing local search results to find out about businesses near them, so local SEO strategies are essential to attract more patients to your office.

Is there a difference between local SEO and SEO?

The focus of local search engine optimisation (SEO)is slightly different from standard SEO. Traditionally, SEO aims to boost your site’s visibility on a broad scale. In contrast, local SEO seeks to attract customers in the vicinity of your clinic by increasing your ranking in local SERPs.

Your ranking in local search engine results pages SERPs is also subject to Google’s algorithms, with more than 200 ranking factors. Search engines such as Google prioritise rankings according to quality, relevance and usability, so your aim should be to generate high-quality content, for example, by link building, FAQS and blog posts, that matches the search internet of your potential customers.

Why are local search results pages or SERPs so important for a dental service?

Local search engine results pages allow your clinic to take advantage of increased visibility within your area. After searching for local dental practices online, search engine results pages or SERPS allow almost 75% of patients to find and visit local businesses within a five-mile radius of their location. 

And thanks to geographic criteria, local SEO means less competition from rival businesses than traditional SEO. In addition, local SEO brings faster results, making it the ideal SEO strategy for a dental practice.

Local SEO tips for dentists

How do local SEO strategies for dentists work? To help you get started, here are our top local SEO tips for dentists to help your dental clinic rank higher than similar local businesses.

1. Keyword research 

Keyword research may sound scary, but to get started, all you have to do is enter your keywords in the search bar. Google will automatically return suggestions for related searches. Those keywords can initiate further keyword research and strategies for creating content.

Create a list:

  • Identify the keywords your site is already ranking for 

  • Note keyword rankings of your competitors

  • Include the keywords your target customers use

  • Pick keywords most relevant to your dentistry service

  • Try to identify user intent. For example, are customers searching for information about teeth whitening, or do they want to make an appointment?

Once you have determined the purpose of a keyword, you can create content that matches it. Don’t focus only on general terms such as “dentist”; it can be difficult to tell if searchers are looking for general information or a specific dentistry service.

Mix up your content with long-tail keywords such as “best dentist in Chiswick W4” These keywords make it easier to determine the searcher intent than more general searches. Including multiple related keywords and phrases in your content will also help your site rank higher. And don’t forget to add phrases with the name of your city and nearby towns. 

2. Creating a Google Business Profile page

Creating a Google Business Profile (GBP) listing ensures that Google recognises you as a local dentist. Your business will rank both on Google Maps and Google Search once you have added your name, address, and NAP (network access point) and verified it.

Include information such as:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone (a local number if possible)

  • Opening hours

  • Website

  • Directions for users of Google maps

  • Description of your services and a USP)

Be sure to include local keywords here.

With an optimised Google Business profile, your business will likely rank higher and appear in the local SEO 3-pack, showing the three highest-ranking local dentists.

3. Positive reviews

Customer reviews will boost your ranking further, so encourage your patients to leave positive reviews. 

4. Local business directories

Increase your visibility by adding your information to various business directories, ensuring that your profile information is consistent. Listing your company on local business directories such as Yahoo Local or Bing Places can 

5. Optimise your website for user experience

When ranking pages, Google rates user experience (UX) carefully, so it is essential to optimise user experience for your SEO strategy.

Start by creating content pages of relevant FAQs (frequently asked questions) on Google. Answering people’s questions enhances your relevance and helpfulness to searchers.

Creating content for your website doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, write blog posts that provide your patients with valuable information – and remember to add a meta description. 

6. Link building

Link building is another helpful technique. When creating factual content for your service pages, include links to your sources or relevant pages on your own website. When a search engine recognises a link to reputable sources, it boosts your ranking.

7. Social media 

Get into social media such as Instagram and Facebook: you will become involved in your community while increasing your credibility and visibility. 

8. Keep track of your progress

Even after your reach #1 in the ranking, don’t stop local SEO. All SEO strategies take time to bring results, so tracking the effects – traffic, conversions, ranking- of a local SEO strategy is vital.

Tips for optimising your site at a glance:

  • Create individual service pages for each of the dental services you provide

  • Include local content and a location page

  • Have a meta description, unique URL and meta title for your pages

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

  • Prioritise local keywords

  • Don’t use duplicate content

  • Include images, videos and graphics to engage users 

  • Make sure your pages are quick to load and easy to navigate 

Getting started with local SEO for your dental centre

To find out how our dental SEO services can assist you and your local SEO marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email to speak to one of our local SEO experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

As dental practices are local businesses that provide the same service, competing for visibility is an important part of growing the business.