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SEO for Removal Companies Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Removal Companies

Running a removal company in London can be tough, especially because of the stiff competition in the city. Aside from offering a bespoke service, you will have to market your removals service to potential customers. Since most people will use the internet to search for suitable man and van services, the best marketing strategy would be SEO for removal companies.

With search engine optimisation, you will be able to make your London removal company visible online. This marketing strategy will make your website rank higher on Google search engine results pages. In addition to making you visible, SEO will improve your credibility as a van service. Most people have a positive view of sites that make it to the first page of the Google search engine results.

Unlike pay-per-click, SEO does not require you to make ongoing investments. That means you can end up saving money in the long term. Also, it gets more clicks compared to PPC marketing strategies. Almost everyone who clicks your site will be actively looking for a van service, and this makes SEO a cost-effective marketing method.

What is SEO for Removal Companies?

SEO or search engine optimisation is a form of digital marketing that tries to boost your website ranking on Google. The goal of this digital marketing method is to increase the traffic to your site. This will increase your chances of getting new customers for your commercial removals service.

This marketing method involves several steps. You will first need to do research to see the target keywords for your sector. For example, you may need to target the keywords ‘removals’ and ‘man and van’ on your website. There are many keyword research tools that can help you find relevant terms for your site, and these tools will even analyze the phrases used on competitor sites. The best keyword research tools will show you how frequently certain phrases are searched on Google. You should also be able to determine the level of competition for each keyword.

You will need to use keywords naturally in your website content. Overusing these phrases can hurt your SEO since most people wouldn’t be willing to read poorly written articles. This will raise the bounce rate of your site, and that will signal to Google that the site offers a poor user experience. In content marketing, your main goal should be to provide value to your website visitors.

SEO for removal services also has to focus on link building. You should start by adding internal links to help readers navigate the site easily. Internal links also help Google determine the structure and hierarchy of your website. In other words, the search engine will be able to understand how different pages relate to each other.

External links can be harder to build, but they are even more important for your site traffic and sales. This is because the search engine uses links to determine whether you offer valuable content and decent removals services. There are a few methods you can use to get external links to your website. One of these options is to ask to guest blog on related sites. For example, a site dealing with storage or estate sales can be great for backlinks. You can also ask your business partners to link back to your site. Many businesses already have a partners page, where they showcase who they do business with. This can be a quick and easy way of getting quality links to your site.

You should remember that high-quality content will have a higher chance of attracting backlinks. Focus on giving potential customers valuable information as this will encourage other website owners to link back to you. If possible, you can also add engaging visual content.

Website Optimisation

You also need to focus on website performance optimisation to market your commercial removals service. You can start by testing your website speed. If the load speed is low, you will need to run some tests to see where the delay is. One thing you can do to improve the performance of your moving service site is to optimise images. You can also reduce HTTP requests as these reduce the load speed of the pages. To reduce the number of requests, you can inline your JavaScript, use CSS Sprites, and use less code. You also need to reduce latency with a content delivery network or CDN.

It is also important to work on the website design and layout. The site shouldn’t use colours that make it hard to read the content. Also, you should minimize or eliminate ads as these distract people who need help moving houses. Website optimisation also involved fixing broken links. These can frustrate visitors and lead to a poor user experience. There are many tools you can use to identify and fix broken links, and these include the W3C Link Checker.

Optimising your moving service website will help you rank higher on search engines. The result is that you will get more traffic and sales.

Tracking Your SEO Performance

Experts with many years of experience in SEO understand the importance of tracking your performance. You should first check the number of website visitors searching for help moving houses. The trend in organic traffic will show you how well your SEO strategy is performing. You also need to track the search rankings for keywords like ‘moving companies’ and ‘London removal company’. You can check the competitors’ domains and get reports on their rankings as well.

Moving companies also need to track the quality score of their links. Several backlink analysis tools can be used for this purpose, including Majestic and Ahrefs. Note that low-quality links will hurt the SEO of your services man website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way for a removal company to generate new leads is by ranking highly for location specific keywords. As most people do not follow removal companies on social media, using ads and SEO is the best way to grow a removals business.