Digital PR Case Study

Averaging 50 links per Campaign for Comparison Engine


The client is one of the UKs largest financial comparison website comparing credit cards, mortgages, broadband deals, energy and more. 


We were engaged by the client to build high value links through our digital PR proposition. We were given 3 products to focus on and produced an asset every 6 weeks for each product. A total of 3 assets produced every 6 weeks. 


The client was excellent at briefing us on exactly what they wanted when it came to link value, anchor text, URLs to focus on and a host of other requirements. Therefore our strategy was simply to stick to the brief and execute the clients exact specifications. 

We were given aggressive link targets, therefore we decided internally to produce one asset per product every 6 weeks – this meant that we were coming up with ideas, designing, developing and deploying three new tools to the clients website every 6 weeks. 

The hardest part of these campaigns was ideation. As we were working with multiple agencies simultaneously we had to constantly come up with fresh ideas that really kept the creative juices flowing.
Jim Keeble
Type A PR Consultant

A Century of Hits


To promote the phone section of the site we build a calendar of various mobile phone and tech events for famous apps that we use every day. With the spotify anniversary coming up, we decided it would be a great idea to look at the last 100 years of number 1s to see how our language has changed and how our musical tastes have changed. 


We scraped the lyrics of the last 100 years of number one hits from the billboard charts. We then extracted a 15 second sample from each of the top songs so we could play them side by side. 

We then ran natural language processing on the lyrics to understand the main subjects of the most popular songs of the last 100 years.  


The creative was designed to look like an old digital music player that cycled through the decades of music, both playing the music and displaying the words that defined that generation. 

High Energy Diets


We were asked to come up with creative concepts around energy consumption. With this in mind we knew that veganuary was about to happened on the editorial calendar so we decided to create a piece about the most energy intensive diets to work our the best place to live for each type of diet. 


The data was taken from the Type A data base and also from public data sources such as Google Maps API. 


The creative took the form of an initial form to understand the diet type that the individual wanted, followed by an interactive table to display the results .

App Rating Campaign


With the app store’s birthday round the corner we wanted to make a special piece of data journalism for it’s birthday. 

We knew that more apps were being produced than ever before and it was harder than ever to make a successful app. Therefore, we created the app rating tool for app developers. This tool would let you check your apps stats against comparable apps to produce a competitor gap analysis so you knew what optimisations you needed to make in order to get a higher app ranking. 


We scraped the top 100,000 apps from the apps store across all categories to understand all of their stats that made them the best from price, to keywords, to file size. 


The creative was a simple comparison tool that let you input your apps information and then have it compared to the 10,000 top apps on the app store. 

Broadband Index


We wanted to explore the areas that have the best broadband connections speeds to find the next emerging silicon valley in the USA.


We pulled the broadband connection speeds of each major city in the US and aggregated them to get a state wide score


We presented the scores on a sliding scale to shop the best and worst broadband speeds with your states average in the middle. We also created an interactive map card that let the PR download individual images for each state so they could also give the tech journalists custom creative to support their story. 

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