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SEO for Locksmiths Case Studies

Our SEO Approach for Locksmiths

All good SEO companies – like ours – are capable of raising the digital profile of businesses up and down the country through search engine optimisation. However, not all SEO firms can also focus their search engine optimisation services in a way that serves the needs of particular sectors of the economy, such as locksmiths. Of course, a typical locksmith business will have very different requirements of its digital marketing strategy compared to an accountancy firm, a leisure centre or a retail outlet. Therefore, what is it about our locksmith marketing services that make them so much more useful for professionals working in locksmith businesses today? Read on to find out why our SEO for locksmiths is at the cutting edge. Professional Digital Marketing for the Locksmith Industry To begin with, we have a great deal of experience to bring to the fore with improving the online presence of many types of enterprises, including SEO for locksmiths. We’ve been working in digital marketing for many years and have provided high quality internet marketing services to many firms that operate in the locksmith industry before. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will already be familiar with the needs of your particular enterprise whether you operate as a commercial or domestic locksmith, for example.  One of the marketing strategies we will usually recommend to locksmith businesses is to come up with keyword research that starts to deliver on the sort of terms potential clients are actually entering into the device. The whole idea with locksmith SEO is get your business appearing higher on the search results pages that follow any inputted search term. The more your website includes terms like ‘locked out’ or ‘commercial key cutting’, the more likely it is to rank more highly when people search for such terms. However, SEO companies that simply stuff websites with often searched-for terms instead of introducing them subtly can have the reverse effect and make for a poor SEO strategy. That’s why we’ll undertake keyword research that delivers quantifiable results so you will be able to make a direct link between any locksmith keyword term that is entered by a web user and how often that results in someone ending up on your website. Of course, the higher you rank on search results, the greater your online presence will be but no internet-based marketing strategy should aim at just ranking highly. Any high quality SEO strategy also needs to lead to more conversions – turning visitors into customers – whether it is for a locksmith business or any other. A Focussed Approach We take a focussed approach to internet marketing. For the locksmith sector, much of this focus will be centred on local and regional strategies. This is because, given that many locksmiths operate on a call-out basis, their coverage is localised to an extent. Very few people will want to enter into Google, for example, that they’d like the number for a local locksmiths firm only to be presented with the contact details for a firm on the other side of the country. As such, we will offer locksmith marketing that is geared up to meet the demands of local SEO. To be clear, local SEO works in two main ways. The first is with landing page SEO so that people who search for hyper-localised terms always get a suitable landing page which will meet their expectations. Let’s say, for instance, that your business provides emergency call-outs all over South London. One of your locksmith keyword terms could, therefore, be ‘locksmith South London’.  However, many people won’t search in such a way. Instead, they’re more likely to search for ‘locksmith call-out Lewisham’ or ‘locksmiths in Wimbledon’. With local SEO, we’ll build a landing page for SEO terms in each area you cover so you’re more likely to capture all of the localised trade in a given district. Of course, this process can be repeated in any borough, city or town you operate in. The second area that localised SEO can be leveraged by the locksmith industry is with Google My Business. This service means registering your company and its trading address with Google. Then, if anyone uses a mobile device to search for a locksmith-related term – even if they don’t enter the location they want one – your business will appear high in the ensuing results. Locational device data can be leveraged through Google My Business by any locksmith company, whether you specialise in automotive locks, digital entry systems or standard locks and escutcheons. Just ask us how it works to find out more. Building Online Presence Through Successful Digital Marketing By focussing on industry keywords and local search terminology, your firm’s website will become much more visible than it is today. Our, London based, SEO experts have a proven track record in helping locksmiths and businesses in other related sectors – such as security system installers, for instance – to build brand awareness and to move up the rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Furthermore, we have the skills necessary to keep your business where you want it having improved your current rankings. This is commonly achieved by tweaking our approach to locksmith-related keywords and by adding new, fresh content. The likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing all rank sites higher if they have relevant content added on a frequent basis. This is why we add blog posts to our clients’ sites – because it helps them to maintain their position. Ideally, we’ll also provide backlinks to your site from third-party websites, too. Blog posts pointing to your firm from authoritative external sites can have a lasting impact on any digital SEO campaign. Please note that we also provide online reviews to help customers in particular areas or with the right sort of profiles relate to other customers you’ve served in the past. Verifiable online reviews from genuinely satisfied customers help with SEO immensely but they also function in their own right, providing handy testimonials to your enterprise’s professionalism.  So, if you’d like to find out why we are one of the leading SEO companies for locksmiths today, feel free to make contact with us.
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The first thing someone does when they get locked out is to make a search on their phone for a locksmith. If you are at the top of the rankings for your area you will win all that extra high value business.