As 2020 showed us, e-commerce is essential for any commerce business. Having the ability to provide your products to customers through an efficient online offering became the lifeline for many businesses, especially retail businesses who had to quickly adapt in Spring 2020.

When choosing an SEO agency for your e-commerce business, it's important to make sure they understand your technology stack, from your CRM to CMS as well as your customer lifecycle.

The keywords we choose to optimise for will be completely different depending on your market positioning and offering. But just as important is understanding the keyword intentions to make your content highly tailored to your audience and their buying journey.

Transactional keywords: people searching with the intention of buying, when they know exactly what they're looking for, for example: '3-seater white fabric sofa'.

Informational keywords: people searching for information about the product they think they want to buy, for example: 'how to style a white fabric sofa'.

Conversational keywords: people getting inspiration for their ideas but not near the buying stage yet, for example: 'neutral colour scheme living room ideas'.

By understanding this keyword split for your products and customers, our SEO consultants can make informed decisions about how to best optimise to increase sales and ultimately revenue.

When building out SEO campaigns for Fashion websites, the SEO consultant needs to be well aware of the fact that the site is likely very media rich, containing lots of images and videos. Because of this, it's likely to be much slower than other retail websites.

As Google have actively said that site speed is a core part of the algorithm and Amazon themselves have published studies saying that increased speed increases conversion rate - speeding up your site is a no brainer , from an SEO point of view and a sales point of view.

In particular, Google have published information about Core Web Vitals. These are speed and UX metrics that are fundamental to the site speed experience and should be top of mind for SEO consultants optimising fashion websites.

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