Type A have a broad range of experience dealing with enterprise clients and the unique challenges that come with working with blue chip companies. From being able to crawl large amounts of URLs efficiently to being able to distill your findings down into smart businesses cases to 'sell-in' to senior stakeholders.

Around 50% of the Type A SEO agency contracts would be classed as enterprise SEO contracts. This means, that the company is a publicly traded company on the stock market or they are a large business, generating over 50 million a year in revenue.

Enterprise SEO has authority on its side. However, because it is a large complex machine with lots of departments, sign off procedures and processes to get things done, the SEO agency needs to be capable of presenting deliverables and actions with a business case so it can be pitched internally so we can get our stakeholders to sign off internal resources to get our optimisations live on the site.

The agency also, need to be good at sliding in to the current project management flow, whether that is writing tickets for the Jira backlog or presenting internally or spending a day on-site to get change adopted by the right teams. Enterprise SEO is much more of a consultation process and requires frameworks to get things done and community with clarity.

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