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How do your technical SEO services work?

Did you know that you are losing valuable leads every second your web page doesn't load? That's why you should evaluate your technical SEO to identify ways to improve your website performance. Our technical SEO solutions help you improve the performance of your website and boost customer experience.

While search engines are getting better at understanding content on web pages, their crawlers are robots. That means the site's technical elements are essential in improving the site's performance on the search engine results page. Hence, you need technical SEO specialists to improve the technical optimisation and ensure your website is crawled and indexed by search engine bots.

Why You Need Technical SEO Experts

The main aim of search engine optimisation is to generate high-quality organic traffic. Our technical SEO services have numerous benefits for your business. We have a technical SEO team to help you achieve the following:

Better SEO Results

Technical SEO improves the performance of your website in search engines. Hence, you will have better SEO results. Our team will optimise the site functionality, which improves your online visibility. Better SEO results translate to desired levels of conversion rates and user satisfaction.

Increased User Experience

Our technical SEO experts ensure your website load speed and performance match your customer's expectations. The positive user experience when they interact with your site is crucial for ranking. Google algorithms and crawlers rank higher sites that provide the best experience to customers. Slow site speed and broken links usually cause frustration and increase bounce rates.

Better Conversion Rates

A well-designed site combined with technical search engine optimization is a great way to increase the page’s overall conversion rate. Since our SEO services are comprehensive, we ensure you have high traffic to your site and lower bounce rates.

Improved Website Efficiency on Various Devices

With the increasing use of mobile for online searches, your site structure should handle mobile traffic. You will have higher bounce rates if your website is slower on a mobile phone or doesn't adapt to the small screen size. Our experts can help you develop SEO strategies to handle mobile traffic.

What Technical SEO Services Do You Need

If you want to achieve results in digital marketing, reach out to our team to help you create actionable SEO strategies. Some of the technical SEO solutions available include:
Technical SEO Audit

Our technical SEO experts will begin with a site wide audit to identify issues on your site. We will look for technical issues like crawl errors, broken pages, internal link structure and mobile performance. The technical SEO audit will also reveal site architecture and indexation issues. Even if you implement the best on-page SEO practices, invisible technical SEO issues can hinder site performance. Our audit unveils issues that affect your ranking in search results. After the site audit, our team will develop technical SEO strategies to improve statistics in your Google Search Console.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO goes beyond the visible content on your website, and it is a crucial ranking factor. Hence, on-page elements like page titles, meta descriptions, URL structure and programming language affect how your site is crawled and indexed. Our technical SEO specialists will help you improve your visibility in search results by optimising your web pages. For instance, we ensure your meta descriptions and titles are optimised for your users. Our team will help you craft metadata that brings organic traffic and optimise your HTML tags to boost search appearances and organic clicks.

Crawlability and Sitemaps

Our team will help you leverage site maps to elevate important web pages in search engines. A sitemap provides a roadmap of your website that shows your site structure and identifies valuable web pages. For instance, sitemaps help Google crawlers understand the best page to rank for specific keywords when you have thousands of product pages. Submitting your sitemap in Google Search Console may not be a priority when you have a few landing pages. However, with the limited crawl budget for every site, your web pages will be crawled and indexed frequently. Working with an SEO expert helps you eliminate crawl errors and leverage sitemaps to improve visibility.

Site Speed and Performance Optimisation

Your site load time is an important ranking factor since it affects your customer’s user experience. Our technical SEO team will test your website speed and identify strategies to improve performance. For instance, we enable file compression to reduce the size of your HTML and JavaScript files to improve page speed. We also reduce redirects and improve server response time to ensure a faster load time. With our expertise, we help you avoid Google penalties related to technical performance and site speed.

Structured Data Markup

Search engines have implemented rich snippets and enhancements for some keyword queries. For instance, you are likely to rank better if you include gold stars representing your client reviews or knowledge graphs. However, you need structured data markup on your web pages to benefit from rich results. Our team can help you implement structured data markup that makes it easier for Google to crawl and display your web content. Depending on the rich results you want, you can implement breadcrumbs, local businesses, site links and logos.

Website Migration

When your business grows, you may want to move to new website platforms, transition to secure browsing or change domain names. Website migration presents a host of problems that can lead to loss of traffic or hinder your site's performance. Our technical SEO specialists can help you execute website migration without affecting the website's performance. Our site migration process involves benchmarking analytics performance, updating internal links, mapping changed URLs to the new domain and monitoring traffic.

Get Result-Oriented Technical SEO Solutions

Leverage our technical SEO solutions to improve website performance and achieve profitable long-term growth. We provide in-depth website audits to ensure the digital marketing campaign we develop is backed by data and research. Aside from implementing technical SEO solutions, we maintain up-to-date knowledge of industry trends to ensure your website stays ahead of the competition.