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How does our French SEO Agency service work?

Do you want to expand your business or boost your revenue in the French market? Then you have to leverage digital marketing channels to increase sales and get new customers. Optimising for search engines should be a priority since potential clients rely on Google searches to find products and services online. You must understand your audience to gain organic traffic when joining the French market. Our French SEO agency will help you increase your conversion rate and rank better on organic keywords.

Marketing in France can be tricky for international companies due to the specificities. The habits and behaviours are different, and you must also use French to communicate with the local audience. Hence, you need to develop an SEO strategy for long term marketing success in France. Our French SEO experts can help you improve your visibility in Google searches and grow your market share in France.

Implementing an SEO strategy isn't just useful for marketing in France; there are many French-speaking regions internationally. Hence, your search engine optimization tactics help you target emergent markets across the globe. Working with an SEO company allows you to use strategies that attract local traffic in France. Our SEO specialists have a better understanding of the market. For instance, our team knows the keyword phrases to use and how to attract internet users.

What Do Our French SEO Services Entail?

SEO Audit

Our SEO agency will conduct an audit to determine the technical issues that could impact user experience. From the SEO audit, we identify opportunities for increasing traffic and how to improve your conversion rate. The audit report will cover technical SEO factors, quality of the content and user experience.

Our team ensures that you have a user-friendly website design for easy navigation and a better search experience for internet users. We help you develop solid search engine optimization strategies to keep your website ahead of the competition.

French SEO Localisation and Translation

Is your website in English or another language? Do you want to make it available in France? You can translate all your content into French and make the website available on Google France. While you can translate most of the content automatically, automated translations don’t always provide the best words or phrase structures.

Since your French audience will only trust websites with a high level of French, you need to edit automated translations to avoid turning potential customers away. Instead of translating content, you can adapt your site to the local culture. Our team will help you establish SEO in France through content localisation.

Our native SEO specialists in France will help you improve your SEO in France since they better understand the culture. For instance, our SEO company will know the best phrases to use for your industry.

On-page SEO

How much organic traffic does your website receive? If you review your traffic stats, you will discover some pages get the most traffic to your site. Instead of optimising the pages that don't drive significant traffic to the website, you can refine the performing landing pages to increase your return on investment. Our French specialists can help you improve your metatags, titles and URLs to boost traffic to your landing pages. Our team will help you create relevant metatags and unique meta descriptions for each page. Optimising your meta data increases its appearance on search engines.

Keyword Research in French

When approaching the French market with an SEO strategy, you need to perform extensive keyword research. Our team will help you identify your industry's most relevant keywords in France. Since our team has in-depth knowledge of the French audience, we will help you find phrases and search terms that internet users use. We also help you identify keywords your competitors are targeting and discover gaps that give you better ranking opportunities. When you have relevant search terms, you can incorporate them into your content and landing pages to improve online visibility.

Technical SEO in France

If you have a French website, your site structure will be similar to other websites. However, if you want to target multiple languages, you may have to create a new domain, subdomain, subdirectory or country-coded top-level domain (for example,

Instead of building the authority of a new domain from scratch, you can use the subfolder strategy to benefit from the existing site's authority. For a French audience, it is easy to navigate a website with a French domain name and URLs. Aside from the website architecture, you must pay attention to site speed and navigation. Your website should be mobile-optimised to make it easier for your audience to search for products or services.

Content Marketing

A significant part of having a multilingual website is adapting content to a French audience. When you have the right keywords, you need to incorporate them into your web content to increase the visibility of your website. Instead of translating content from your global website, you can create localised and high quality content for your website. Our team can help you create content in French to ensure you have useful and engaging content. Having high-quality content establishes trust with your audience.

Social Media Marketing

If you want to boost organic traffic and visibility, you can leverage social media to grow your audience. Our team can help you develop a search engine optimization strategy for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to ensure you engage with your audience. In social marketing, you can raise your brand awareness with high quality images, content and infographics. You can also offer localised deals and receive feedback from your audience.

Why Our SEO Company Is Right for You

Our SEO agency specialises in increasing your potential customers and market share in France through long term SEO strategies. Our team will review your website's technical factors to ensure a better user experience. We also provide on-page, off-page and link-building SEO services to boost the performance of your website on search engines. Reach out to our team if you want to succeed or boost sales in France. Contact us by email [email protected] anytime.