What is Google Analytics and why is it important?

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics platform that tracks your website’s activity both historically (from the date it’s installed) and in real-time.

It tracks core web metrics for acquisition, engagement and conversions to help you better understand your online offering to your customers or clients. 

It fully integrates with most website platforms and can pull in data from search engines, social media sites, and ad or affiliate platforms. 

And now with the new GA4 it’s fully integrated with Google’s BigQuery, which was only available with the (paid) GA 360 enterprise package.

Why is Google Analytics important?

Marketers and advertisers need to make informed decisions to maximise the return on their investments. 

The only way to make informed decisions about marketing strategies that will increase revenue is by tracking and analysing trusted first-party data that shows how users interact with your site.

The ability to have one central source of information about how your users are moving through and converting on your site, including bringing in traffic data from other sources means analysts can accurately compare cross-platform marketing activity with clear conversion paths to show the efficacy of each campaign.

How to set up Google Analytics

Google has step-by-step instructions in their support guides on how to first set up a Google Analytics account.