Big Clicks - Episode 2 - Microsoft Depreciates Accelerated Ad delivery, Location Targeting now available in Google Smart Shopping campaigns

Welcome to another episode of Big Clicks - your biweekly dose of PPC news, awful memes and general banter.

This week we find out Microsoft Advertising have decided to sunset the Accelerated Delivery option across their search and shopping campaigns and why.

In the coming weeks, advertisers will be able to target affinity audiences in their search campaigns, as well as seasonal in-market audiences.

Google’s pioneering, money-making machine learning product, Smart Shopping Campaigns, now have the option to Target and Exclude locations.

Google Ads is launching Beauty Try-on, an augmented reality feature which allows beauty brands to show ads where users can try virtual makeup.

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Stu: 00:00 Welcome to episode four of Big Clicks. My name's Stu.

Stu: 00:03 I'm the Head of Paid Media here at Type A.

Stu: 00:05 As usual, Big Clicks is here for your biweekly dose of PPC news,

Stu: 00:09 awful memes and general banter.

Stu: 00:11 So let's get into this.

Stu: 00:19 First up, Affinity audience targeting is coming to Google Search ads.

Stu: 00:22 In the coming weeks,

Stu: 00:23 advertisers will be able to target Affinity audiences in their search campaigns

Stu: 00:27 as well as seasonal in-market audiences. Affinity audiences have been available in display

Stu: 00:31 and video campaigns now for a few years, allowing advertisers to target top of funnel

Stu: 00:35 audiences based on their broad browsing behaviour.

Stu: 00:38 Now super broad categories like banking and finance,

Stu: 00:40 food and dining and football fans can be added as target

Stu: 00:43 or observation audiences in your campaigns.

Stu: 00:45 The new seasonal in-market audiences include Black Friday and Christmas targeting options.

Stu: 00:49 Again, while these interests are super broad,

Stu: 00:52 they can help to expand your campaigns and reach people based on their browsing signals,

Stu: 00:55 rather than just using the specific queries you're.

Stu: 00:58 probably already using with keywords.

Speaker 2: 01:00 You know what they're looking at?

Speaker 3: 01:00 What?

Speaker 2: 01:04 Us.

Stu: 01:05 Next up, Microsoft Advertising is deprecating accelerated ad delivery.

Stu: 01:09 Hopping on the Google bandwagon, Microsoft Advertising have decided

Stu: 01:12 to sunset accelerated delivery options across their search and shopping campaigns.

Stu: 01:16 Why, you say? Both Microsoft and Google point out that

Stu: 01:18 the strategy is inefficient for budget constraint campaigns,

Stu: 01:21 also hinting that advertisers weren't actually using it correctly.

Speaker 3: 01:24 I want you to deal with your problems.

Stu: 01:26 Abhishek Gupta at Microsoft said at the start of the month

Stu: 01:28 that standard budget strategy is a smarter instrument,

Stu: 01:32 as it picks and chooses the right times to serve ads with the intent of optimising

Stu: 01:35 your performance based on multiple factors.

Stu: 01:37 So without proper scheduling, ad delivery will be determined by machine learning in both platforms.

Stu: 01:42 If your campaign is budget sensitive and your clients or business have a legitimate reason to serve ads earlier in the day, get scheduling.

Stu: 01:48 Next up, location targeting is now available in the Google Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Stu: 01:53 Google's pioneering moneymaking machine learning product Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Stu: 01:56 now have the option to target and exclude locations.

Stu: 02:00 So now rest assured that your campaigns selling yellow rubber duckies won't randomly

Stu: 02:03 show up to some grandma in Mongolia, but sadly you still won't be able to find any keyword.

Stu: 02:07 or audience supporting in your Smart Shopping Campaigns,

Stu: 02:09 and probably won't any time soon.

Speaker 4: 02:11 Oh, somebody kill me please.

Stu: 02:16 Finally this week,

Stu: 02:17 Google bring virtual makeup try-on to YouTube masthead ads.

Stu: 02:20 Google Ads is launching Beauty Try-on,

Stu: 02:22 an augmented reality feature which allows beauty brands to show ads

Stu: 02:25 where users can try on virtual makeup.

Stu: 02:27 Google says that beauty brands will be able to off realistic virtual product examples

Stu: 02:30 that work on a full range of skin tones to YouTube's two billion monthly active users.

Stu: 02:35 After clicking on one of the ads,

Stu: 02:37 customers can use their front camera to see how the product looks on their own skin,

Stu: 02:39 like some freaky Snapchat filter.

Speaker 5: 02:41 Would you (beep).

Stu: 02:48 Looking at the example on Google's blog, it looks pretty cool.

Stu: 02:51 I imagine conversion rates post engagement will be pretty higher,

Stu: 02:54 higher than Smart Campaigns anyway.

Stu: 02:56 So that's it until next time, homies.

Stu: 02:58 Please like, subscribe and comment.

Stu: 03:00 Keep your PPC game strong, mind your search terms,

Stu: 03:02 and stop being lazy and get your Black Friday strategy organised.

Stu: 03:05 Until next time.