When you are running a SEO program for startup businesses it's important to understand the core metrics that the company is using to determine success as they are rarely as cut and dry as "increase revenue". The speed at which you achieve results is usually of paramount importance as the company is typically funded by investors from VCs to private equity and needs to show traction and a return to help them raise their next round.

This means that the SEO tactics for startups are considerably more aggressive than already established technology companies. This means that putting together a SEO strategy is going to be project based, rather than retained to make sure that we are able to make large and fast site optimisations without being tethered to a monthly retainer.

SEO projects are more preferable for startups as it gives them the cashflow flexibility and takes into consideration their fixed costs over time. Rather counter intuitively, if you are a startup, it's better to spend your entire SEO budget over 3 months than it is to spend it over a year as this allows for large content creation and technical optimisation projects to happen immediately so you can start benefiting from them sooner rather than later.

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