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How does our SEO for Schools service work?

It is no secret that your school website is your most effective marketing tool. Through the site, you can attract new students, offer updates to current students, and showcase everything the school has to offer. For these reasons, individuals need to be able to find your website when they search for it on Google and other search engines. A common way of making the site more visible is to improve your school's SEO campaign. This will make the site rank highly on search engine results pages. Aside from improving your visibility, ranking the site on search engines will improve your school's credibility. Most people have a positive view of sites that are ranked towards the top of the search engine results pages (SERP).

Keyword Research for Schools Websites

Search engine optimization or SEO entails many different aspects. One of the main ones is keyword research. Keyword rich articles will usually be picked up by Google as the search engine will be able to determine the subject of the posts. To find the right keywords to use, you will need to use specialized tools. These will show you the phrases people use when looking for a private school. You will also see the search volume of each keyword and the level of competition of these phrases.

It is important to focus on competitive keywords as these may affect your ranking on search engine results pages. You can include them many times in strategic parts of your articles, including the page title and meta description. You can also apply other SEO strategies with competitive keywords. For example, you can use these phrases as anchor texts when adding links to the page content.

You shouldn’t make the mistake of neglecting long-tail keywords. These can be very important as they are more specific compared to short-tail keywords. Again, you should evaluate their search volume and level of competition.

While you’ll need to create keyword rich articles, it is still important to focus on the quality of the articles. Sacrificing quality to incorporate relevant keywords can end up hurting your efforts in search engine optimization or SEO. This is because Google pays a lot of attention to the website bounce rate. If you post unreadable articles, most people will leave your site shortly after visiting, and this will signal to Google that something is wrong with your site.

Posting excellent page content will also improve your chances of getting backlinks. More people will be willing to add links to articles that are well-written and offer valuable information on certain subjects. If possible, you can also add pictures, along with image alt texts. The point of the image alt text is to let Google know what the images contain.

Optimizing Your Website

Optimizing your website is also important for SEO. You first need to optimize your site for mobile devices so that it adjusts to fit any screen size and shape. This will improve your search rank since most people use their phones to find suitable private schools.

Next, you should check the layout and design of your site. Is it easy for people to access essential web pages? Is the website visually appealing? Is the colour scheme consistent and well-balanced? All these questions will help you determine the state of your website design and layout. Also, make sure the call to action and school contact are prominent and effective. Note that a poor web design will increase your bounce rate, and this will hurt the SEO ranking of the pages on your website.

Another aspect of site optimization is the load speed of your web pages. The site shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to load as most people aren’t that patient. If the pages on your website load very slowly, you can expect to have a very high bounce rate. Aside from lowering your ranking on SERPs, high bounce rates mean that you will actively be losing potential students.

Link Building for Schools Websites

You must apply link-building strategies if you want to improve your search rankings. You can start by adding internal links as these will help visitors navigate the site. Internal links are also used by Google to evaluate the structure of the website. Search engines will usually use internal links to find relevant pages for certain search queries.

Getting external links can be a little harder as these must be posted on websites you don’t control. You can consider making applications for guest blogging as this will give you a chance to add these links. Your partners and suppliers may also be willing to add links to your website. Try as hard as possible to get backlinks from respected websites as these will have a bigger impact on the ranking of relevant pages.

Local SEO Strategies for Schools

 Many people prefer attending schools within a specific geographical area. For this reason, you have to focus on local SEO. You can start by finding keywords that are relevant to your region. Some examples could be ‘private school in London’ or ‘best London school’. Make sure you use these keywords strategically in the page titles, introductions, and meta descriptions.

Local SEO also involves adding your details to Google My Business. The main details you should provide are your school name, physical address, and telephone number. Make sure you also create profiles on local directories like Yelp.

Why Hire Us for Your School SEO?

Search engine optimization isn’t a straightforward process and could take up a lot of your time. Since we are highly experienced in SEO, we will be able to get your site to rank highly in a very short time. We will also be able to handle your SEO marketing campaign 24/7, meaning the results will be excellent. Our experts are also able to keep up with any changes in Google’s algorithm.