Win more customers for your personal care business through Google.

Doing SEO for personal care businesses like personal trainers, beauticians and hairdressers is very similar to doing local SEO for tradesmen as you will get most of your business through people searching for 'service + location' terms. Therefore, it makes sense for the SEO agency to optimise for those terms. However, the problem with this approach is that the keyword search volumes are usually quite low with only a couple of hundred people searching for these local services every month.

Therefore, to grow a personal care business online, we need to take a more sophisticated approach to our content to work out the lifestyle searches your customers are doing every day that surround your business. For example, when someone looks for a personal trainer, they don't start with the keyword 'personal trainer near me' they start with a more generic solutions based query like "how to get fit" and work from there.

With this in mind, building an SEO strategy for a business like this requires lots of customer insight into how a customer starts their journey and how they end up using keywords to eventually find your personal care service.

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