SEO for the Technology and IT Industry

Running SEO campaigns for technology companies greatly varies depending on the type of technology and business model that the company has. In this article, we will go into the differences and considerations you need when hiring a technology SEO in the SAAS, Startup, IT and Telecoms verticals.


When appointing an SEO agency for a SAAS (software as a service) business, it's important to first understand the conversion funnel and the lead to sale ratio before embarking on any SEO strategy at all.

For example, if the SAAS business is a B2C mass market piece of software at a low purchase point, we would develop a landing page strategy with a short, sharp sales process and snappy sales copy. However, if the SAAS business was a B2B software that had a higher price point and was aimed at a sophisticated buyer, we would create SEO services around building out Q&A content and solving the buyers high level problems to get them to "convert" to our email CRM so we could soft sell them over time.

If the SAAS business is a brand new business, many SEO consultants will overlook the need for physical listings in things like google my business as the company operates virtually and does not have customers at their premises. However, with the advent of the knowledge graph and Google attempting to understand a business as an "entity" on the web instead of a collection of text files on a domain, it's important that we give Google all the 'clues' it needs to understand the SAAS business as an entity. This means basic technical points like implementing proper schema on the site and connecting up 3rd party directories like Google my Business with the correct name, address and phone number (NAP) information so Google understands what type of entity the SAAS business is.

Understanding B2B keywords

As many technology and IT companies will be focused on B2B leads, it's important to make sure the site's targeting is focused on how people make professional instead of personal queries.

Using our knowledge of keywords and being able to match keywords to their entities using Google's Natural Language Processing we can understand site's search landscape to better optimise for lead generation.

When setting up SEO for tech companies, one key thing is always to ensure that your content is full, accurate and correctly keyword targeted.

Building trust (and links)

Building links is crucial to SEO for any website to give Google strong trust signals, but it's more important for such a competitive market like technology and IT because you're competing with big, established named brands who can rely on brand entities bolstering trust through a high volume of links.

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