If it bleeds it leads and if it isn't ranked, the story tanks. Learn how we achieve top rankings for current events and news sites.

Our SEO agency have been very lucky to work with the biggest Facebook page in the world, receiving well over a billion clicks a year.

From doing SEO for news websites, we've learned a lot about how Google treats fresh information and what they value the most when it comes to ranking your news articles.

We felt honoured when our former publishing client mentioned us in the Drum and commended us as a core part of their company growth strategy.

The reason we were able to grow the news websites SEO so effectively is because we understood that the SEO strategy for publishers needs to be completely different from other SEO clients that the agency works with.

In particular, we need to be aware that almost 99% of news is going to be consumed on a mobile device so having a lightening fast speed optimise site is going to be of paramount importance. At the time, Google was also rewarding websites with AMP (accelerated mobile pages) by pacing them in the news carousel at the top of the page, therefore, we knew that would need to be a core part of the strategy.

Small insights like this, lead to huge organic traffic gains, that's why it's important to chose an SEO agency with experience in your field, so you don't get generic advice that every business receives.

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