Whether you are a doctor, vet, dentist or a psychiatrists, understanding Google's unique approach to medical websites is crucial to your success in organic search.

Understanding Google's 'Medic Update'

SEO for Medical and Healthcare sites need to be treated differently to other industries due to a core algorithm update that was nicknamed 'the medic update". The medic update was an algorithm update that affected mostly medical and healthcare sites and was believed to be powered by search quality raters working for Google, manually rating websites to their search quality guidelines to train the Google machine learning algorithms to provide a better search results for users.

Your Money or Your Life sites

In Google's documentation, medical sites are classified as Your Money or Your Life sites, or YMYL for short. The reason they are classified as YMYL is because if Google serves the wrong result to a user then it may negatively affect their life. For example, if Google serve a result that says 'drinking water cures cancer" or that "healing crystals cure baldness", this is a very bad for the user as it could potentially harm them.

Therefore, our approach as an SEO agency for medical sites is to understand that there are completely different rules and optimisations that we need to take into consideration when the agency is carrying out the SEO project.

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