Generating leads is easy. Generating high quality, qualified leads is hard. However, at Type A we pride ourselves on being bale to keep your CRM bursting with new leads through ranking your site with a bespoke SEO program.

Lead Generation SEO crosses over with the thinking behind B2B SEO but typically needs to have a much higher volume of leads for the SEO program to make commercial sense. For example, if you are a custom holiday provider or an accidents lawyer or a dentist, you need to understand the customer journey and build ranking pages at each stage of that funnel.

Going into lead generation SEO, you need to know your numbers. 10% of traffic will convert to email, 10% of emails will become customers. So if you have 1000 clicks a month, you are going to end up with 100 email leads and 10 sales. So 1000 clicks, actually translates to a 1% conversion rate. With that in mind, we need to aim for higher traffic terms at different stages of the funnel in order to win enough business over time to make SEO services worth your while.

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