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How does the international SEO agency work?

It is currently estimated that the world is home to over 1.72 billion websites. This roughly equates to more than one site for every seven individuals on the planet. While this is excellent news for the average consumer, the fact of the matter is that competition is rife. It can be quite difficult for businesses to make their presence known and to target the appropriate audience. This is why the ability to obtain quality international SEO services has never bene more relevant. 

Our London-based SEO experts are well aware of the latest industry trends and we can provide tangible results in accordance with your requirements. Whether you have recently expanded into a new marketplace or you are frustrated with poor marketing results, developing a truly global SEO strategy can work wonders. 

Let us first examine the importance of embracing bespoke international SEO strategies before moving on to discuss some of the techniques that our firm has already provided to customers from various backgrounds. 

What Does International Search Engine Optimisation Entail?

The primary intention of effective SEO on an international level is to ensure that your website is optimised for a specific country or region of the world. Marketing agencies will often employ this approach when tapping into foreign audiences or unfamiliar demographics. 

These types of SEO campaigns can become even more challenging in the event that linguistic barriers happen to be present. In other words, local search engine optimisation approaches may need to be slightly modified to yield quality results. This is also why reputable SEO agencies will address a host of metrics when developing relevant strategies. 

Targeted country and/or regional research

Similar to local SEO, international marketing strategies will leverage the power of information. Analytics provide the insight and clarity required to make important decisions when designing a well-rounded campaign. These preliminary analyses may include metrics such as:

  • The physical location of the target audience.

  • Relevant spending habits.

  • Currency exchange concerns.

  • Typical age and gender.

We can see that these are some of the very same factors that are often associated with local search engine optimisation. They are nonetheless crucial when building a strong foundation for future international success. 

Technical SEO concerns

It is also important to address potential technical SEO issues. Here are some examples of what our international network of country account managers will take into consideration:

  • Proper HTML coding.

  • Keyword research associated with your international audience.

  • Inbound and outbound links.

  • Web page design and layout.

  • The creation of high-quality content.

While these are all entirely relevant to global SEO services, there are still other techniques that will often serve to define a successful international venture. 

An in-depth competitor analysis

Breaking into an unfamiliar foreign marketplace can be challenging due to the fact that initial advertising efforts are often unclear. This is why SEO agencies will frequently employ case studies that focus around the actions of competitors. Here are some questions which can be addressed by such an approach:

  • What are their primary demographic segments?

  • Which products and services are the most popular?

  • What are their pricing points?

  • How do they proactively engage with their target audience?

  • Do they display any potential weaknesses?

Our global SEO agency will use these types of case studies to lay the groundwork for an effective SEO campaign on local, regional and international levels. Furthermore, an in-depth competitor analysis can help to avoid common marketing mistakes that might otherwise be made. 

The use of multiple languages within a URL structure

Our international SEO services will also place a great deal of emphasis upon foreign languages and dialects. After all, a poorly translated block of text or product description could easily torpedo what might have otherwise represented an effective global SEO strategy. 

Not only will this include expert translations by native speakers, but technical concerns such as developing a URL structure for pages of different languages is just as relevant. In the event that a website visitor chooses a specific dialect, he or she will be immediately redirected to the appropriate page. The ability to embrace multiple languages signifies that the company cares about its customers and ultimately, that it is willing to cater to their unique requirements. 

Thorough and ongoing keyword research

Marketing agencies have always relied upon the power of keywords in order to reach the online masses. This maxim is just as true in regard to SEO campaigns on an international level. However, identifying keywords associated with a specific targeted country can be quite difficult for the uninitiated. Spelling, grammar and context all need to be taken into account so that the campaign in question resonates with the end user. 

Our SEO experts likewise understand that keywords may change over time (such as those associated with a specific regional holiday or season of the year). This is why flexible international SEO strategies will be employed; enabling your business to remain one step ahead of the (digital) curve. 

Your Go-To Global SEO Agency for Continuous Quality Assurance

It is currently estimated that there are more than 2.14 billion consumers across the world who rely upon the e-commerce community to make purchases (3). This is why obtaining reliable global SEO services represents a top priority for many businesses. The good news is that we are only a click away.

Our international network of country account managers boasts a reputation for efficiency, professionalism, and the ability to provide bespoke solutions for your growing organisation. If you wish to enter into a new marketplace or should you be less than satisfied with your ongoing SEO campaign, please contact us. We can then schedule a time to speak in greater detail about what it is that your firm requires.