International SEO is more than setting up some cc TLDs and appropriate HREF LANG. It's understanding the audience and business environment that the brand operates in across multiple languages, countries and domains.

When many people think of SEO, localisation and internationalisation rarely come up in conversations. Surely, it's the same process across multiple countries as it is in our primary country? No, this is not the case.

Different countries have different ways of searching for things and certain keywords mean completely different things when you go from country to country. Even, if the primary language is the same, the way in which the language is used can often be very different.

For example, the UK and Australia, although they speak english and are culturally similar, there are search trends that are completely different. For example, in the UK we say "sofa" and "takeaway" but in Australia they say "couch" and "food delivery". Subtle differences, that have a large impact on your international SEO and your ability to drive traffic internationally. So remember, international SEO is more than slapping some HREF LANG tags in the header of your webpage, it's a much more subtle and complex process.

As an SEO agency that works with many international businesses we've been able to help our clients rank in teh country of their choice with smart content creation and technical SEO specifically designed for their local market.

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