Generating leads and sales for your finance website can be a challenge as Google places stricter guidelines on finance content. At Type A we have worked with FTSE250 finance brands to help them succeed in an increasingly challenging organic marketplace.

Understanding YMYL

When choosing an SEO agency for your finance business, you need to take into consideration their past experience as your industry is viewed differently to other industries by Google. In particular, you are considered to be a 'Your Money or Your Life' (YMYL) business, this is because if Google serves an incorrect result for a query related to finance, it has the potential to materially affect a persons life in a negative way, hence the YMYL moniker.

Due to this, there are sets of rules and allowances that SEOs in finance need to take into consideration, over and above your standard SEO implementations. In particular, we need to pay close attention to the search quality raters guidelines, the 200 page instruction manual that Google provides to human website raters to train their machine learning algorithm.

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Using EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust)

One major part of SEO in the financial services industry is the concept of Expertise, Authority and Trust or EAT. Just like in the offline world, if you are going to be a successful financial institution you need you customers to see you as a trusted expert with subject matter authority, online is no different.

Therefore, to get the most out of an SEO program in the finance industry we need to make sure we optimise your site to have these optimisation flags that Google can easily understand and translate to EAT.

Using a Finance SEO Expert

Further to the rules Google sets out, the government usually has guidelines and rules on how you are allowed to conduct yourself in any advertising and marketing. As you are working in a regulated industry, its essential to hire an SEO consultant who has experience in dealing with bodies like the SEC (securities and exchange commission) and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) in the USA and the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK.

This means being able to provision copywriters with subject matter expertise in specialised areas. If you are being pitched SEO services for finance with an 'in-house' copywriter then alarm bells should start to ring. Unless, the SEO agency are finance specialists the economics of keeping specialist writers on staff doesn't makes sense and you are likely getting a general copywriter with little to no deep experience of the financial services industry.

At Type A, our SEO agency has lots of experience in the finance industry, with one of our first clients being a FTSE 250 finance company that was heavily regulated. We have worked with enterprise finance businesses for since 2016 and have developed a little black book of some of the best finance copywriters in the business as well as deep connections with the financial press which has allowed us to land press coverage in publications like the,, and the to name but a few.