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At Type A Media, we have extensive experience in working on B2B businesses. In fact, as an SEO agency we are a B2B business ourselves.

Therefore, we understand the importance of CRM, nurturing potential clients at each stage of the funnel and being smart about your keyword choice. With B2B SEO, we find that many of the "converting keywords" with high commercial intent are usually very low search volume. Therefore, ranking for commercial terms in isolation is a bad SEO strategy for a B2B business.

Also, we find that in B2B SEO, ranking for head terms, the only 20% of the leads are usually of high enough value when generated by commercial keywords. Typically, B2B sales is powered by relationships, conferences and thought leadership and we know that to generate high quality B2B leads with SEO, we need to be focused on capturing peoples attention at different stages of the funnel and convert them with email, retargeting or our gold old fashioned sales team.

Having simple insights like this mean that your SEO strategy for B2B is going to pay off faster than if you chase traditional "SEO metrics" by trying to rank for arbitrary terms.

With all of this in mind we like to develop a full circle B2B SEO strategy that focuses on different conversion types at different stages of the funnel. We typically think of conversions in 3 formats:

Conversational: your customer is starting to Google top level discovery terms to understand what kind of problem they have and how to fix it. Conversational KPIs in B2B SEO are usually around very top level metrics like clicks and time on site. Depending on the type of business we would also start counting social media signups as a conversational KPI.

Informational: your customer now knows they need you services and are looking for tips and tricks to solve a problem they have. An informational KPI in the world of B2B SEO is usually email signups so you can add them to your CRM and start building a relationship.

Transactional: a transactional KPI is exactly what it sounds like - someone fills out a form or calls you to show interest in your service. The trick with transactional KPIs in a B2B environment is proper segmentation. As you will not convert 100% of the leads to sales it's important that we start to segment your content accordingly so we can understand not only the content that generates leads but the content that has the highest lead to sales conversion rate

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