SEO campaigns delivered with smart frameworks....AHA!

SEO is based on three things: technical, content and links. This makes SEO simple but not easy. The Type A frameworks make SEO simple, easy and most importantly ROI positive.

Bespoke strategy, standard implementation

We decide what to do with an SEO strategy as individual as you. We declare how to do it with standard SEO tactics that bring fast and predictable results. 

Simply put, the SEO frameworks tell us what to do to get the highest return for the lowest price. They are called REST and BOOM.

REST Deliverables

The REST phase is completed in a waterfall project management style over 6 weeks. 

  • Keyword Research: build your keyword universe 
  • Content GAPs: find gaps on your site vs competitors
  • Technical Audit: evaluate the site against google guidelines 
  • Content Audit: evaluate which content to keep, kill, combine, create. 
  • Link Audit: evaluate where link power goes
  • SEO Strategy: decide which deliverables and URLs to focus on
  • Forecast: based on proposed work, forecast traffic growth each quarter and create base and stretch targets. 
  • Content Plan: a spreadsheet of content to create, optimise or delete. 
  • Technical Plan: a spreadsheet of technical and on-page tasks prioritised by cash value

BOOM Deliverables

Implement as much as possible, quickly. Deliverable milestones are every 6 weeks. Tasks are planned every 2 weeks. Prioritised by cash value, not issue type. 

  • Implemented in batches, we update everything from 404s, to schema, to hreflang to make a perfectly optimised site in the eyes of Google. 
  • Content Creation: we write new content for your site from product descriptions, to landing pages, to blog posts, to lead magnets to industry guides. 
  • Content Updates: optimising content structure and word choice to rank and convert better
  • Digital PR: our link building process also has its own framework called DISCO. Learn more about it here. 
  • Weekly status updates: Monday morning project management email
  • Bi-weekly calls: moving blockers and signing off work
  • Monthly performance reports: measuring the effectiveness of the work
  • Quarterly business reviews: compare our traffic and revenue forecast to actuals

Smart frameworks are nothing without smart people to implement them.