We Buy Any Home SEO Case Study

Growing Organic Market Share for Prop-tech Firm

The client specialises in fast property purchases by cutting out the need for an estate agent to take you through the usual long drawn out legal processes inherent in buying property. 

The Approach


We were briefed to grow the organic traffic and leads to the site and to focus on some “hero” keywords that were most valuable to the business. At the same time, we were tasked with creating some brand awareness with experienced home buyers to introduce them to this new, more convenient concept

Table of Contents


As the site was a small lead generation site in the very competitive property and real estate space, we knew that the main focus needed to be on content production and link acquisition. 

On researching competitors we saw a trend of lots of small operators leaning on high power, low trust links to power their rankings. As this industry could be considered a YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) industry by Google, we decided that a strategy of building less links at a higher trust was the best move for this client. Not only would high trust links be impossible for competitors to copy, it would also create a better standing in Google. 


We decided upon an aggressive content creation strategy as well as a digital PR asset every 8 weeks to create a high link cadence and to give the brand lots of permission to take part in conversations on the web. 

Type A have provided an impressive grasp of strategic planning followed by results driven execution.
mark irwin
Mark Irwin

Supermarket Index Digital PR Campaign


We’ve all seen the Big Mac Index – the financial model that economists use to understand affordability in different areas of the world by comparing the price of a big mac. 

We also have preconceptions about supermarkets in the UK. Lidl and Aldi are budget. Waitrose and M&S is a bit posh. But what do the proximity of these supermarkets do to house prices? It turns out that quite a lot happens. 


We pulled the location of every British supermarket via Google Maps API and the house prices of every house in the UK via a national property website to compare the density of supermarket to house prices to show that being near a waitrose affects your house price. 


This creative called for 2 separate views. One data view and one easily downloadable view for journalists to embed in their articles. We opted for a bubble chart and a map combination with slicers that let you zone into specific locations or specific supermarkets to compare each of them side by side. 

UK Property Market Trends Digital PR


During the pandemic property prices were all over the place. Enquiries down one minute and sky high the next. Therefore, we decided to surface internal data that shows the amount of enquiries to infer the most popular place people are moving to in order to avoid a lockdown in a small city apartment. 


We used internal enquiry data from the client to show the change in popularity of every city up and down the UK. 


We decided to create something that felt like a form with a map out put. Therefore, we created a city by city filter to zone in on each location and a map to highlight the location as more or less popular. 

On Screen Homes Digital PR Campaign


Our research showed that the property stories that were winning the most links were stories linked to famous homes that were featured in movies and shows. Therefore, we decided to make “On Screen Homes Playing Cards”, which highlighted all the core statistics about each of our favourite famous homes. 


The data for this piece was something that was a little out of the Type A wheelhouse…..desk research. 

Our PR team manually researched famous properties and pulled all of the data points ready for development. 


The creative execution was in the style of a baseball collectors card with a very simple animation to let you cycle through each of the homes. The stroke of creative genius in this campaign was the download PNG button to let people download each card one by one to share on social media or to embed into their article. 

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