Read the results of how we did SEO for the world’s biggest Facebook page, increasing organic traffic by almost one million additional monthly visits

The Brief

Increase the organic traffic coming via the site to help us compete with ‘search first’ old media publications.

Technical SEO

Our first priority was making sure AMP was being properly indexed and Googlebot was able to easily reach all pages. This involved helping the technical team to build out and submit AMP pages, create a sensible sitemap structure for search console and cleaning up all retired and dead pages.

UX and Site Structure

Our next focus was updating the navigation to better reflect the diverse amount of topics that the site wrote news about. Working with the development team and led by our keyword research, we went about re-structuring the site to fit all the articles into a sensible hierarchy that made sense for the user and Googlebot.

Keyword Research and Content Silos

We conducted extensive keyword research to find all of the head terms around major content subjects and the longtail Q&A traffic that was attached to them. From here we helped write optimised category pages that could be used as a reference point to link back to.

Smart Internal linking

By using our smart internal linking tool we used a mixture of the textrazor entity analysis API and the search console API to understand the best pages to link to and from.

"Working with Ross and the Type A team has been a real eye opener, from the on-campus training days where they cycled through our entire editorial team to the responsiveness on slack, they are great to work with and the results speak for themselves" Ian Lainchbury, VP Tech


After 6 months we added just under 1mm additional monthly visits from the organic channel. 

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