Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity

CIMSPA: Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector, committed to supporting, developing and enabling professionals and organisations to succeed and, as a result, inspire our nation to become more active.


The client engaged us to deliver interactive content that their community of sports and physical activity trainers, instructors, coaches, teachers and partners could use in their everyday jobs that also told a story about certification in the fitness industry. 

Digital PR Campaigns


As the content had to serve a dual purpose we immediately went to our content framework and chose to make “utility” pieces of content. Typically a utility piece of content is a leaderboard, ranking table, calculator or similarly useful piece that can be used as a reference piece in the industry. 

To make it relevant to the press at the data collection stage we also decided that the data needed to be sector specific and location specific so we could build on “identity” within the press. This allows us to pitch local media and sector specific trade publications. 

As the brief was to focus on the utility of the content we decided to make 4 pieces throughout the year, each piece with a high degree of research and evergreen data so the tools can be used for years to come. 


For implementation we stuck to the clients core brand themes and initiatives of:

  • Learning new skills to grow your fitness business

  • Highlighting the great work being done with grass roots organisations

  • Uncovering the depths and breadth of knowledge every fitness professional must gain

In total we created 6 assets for CIMSPA across the year. These assets were designed to:

  • Be evergreen

  • Use internal survey data

  • Use Government Big Data

  • Be a tool for their community that also told a story about the sector

Summer Ready Campaign


We wanted to celebrate the great work that local authorities and everyday often overlooked fitness professionals do on a local level. 


We mixed scraped data and government data to get a weighted score to rank the best places in the UK for summer sports activity. This included:

  • Certified water sport workforce per capita

  • No. of water sport attractions per capita

  • Swimming pools per capita

  • Physical activity rates

  • Greenspace coverage


We wanted to highlight the positive aspects of sports in each city in the UK so created a ranking table showing how good they were compared to the UK average for 5 major data points. 

The drop down filter allows you to zoom into specific countries and get the exact data for your location. This comparison feature allowed us to highlight the best of the fitness industry in the UK as well as generating angles around each of the data points for multiple stories and outreach opportunities. 

Hard Skills Campaign


Our research showed that public opinion towards fitness professionals was that they did not need many qualifications to do their job. However, we knew that this was not the case and wanted to prove it with hard data. 


Using the EMSI fitness jobs database we extracted every fitness job in the UK over the last year and used natural language processing to extract and categorise the number of hard skills that each job ad demands.


We decided to use a thermometer to show the “hottest” and most in demand skills for fitness professionals with the ability to filter by specific skill sets to show its importance. To accompany the thermometer we also created a ranking table that let’s you zone into specific skill types and compare the “skills gap” between the job descriptions and number of practitioners with those skills. 

Digital Skills Campaign


Our research showed that digital skills in the fitness industry are going to be one of the most sought after as the majority of the public are using some form of digital media to find, book and consume fitness activities. Therefore, we wanted to ask real fitness professionals how much of their budgets are dedicated to digital marketing vs traditional marketing to understand if their was a gap. 


We client provided a survey from their internal datasets. 

From this data we were able to get lots of rich stories from finance, to strategy to digital transformation. 


We decided the best way to show the results of the survey was to create individual cards that highlighted each data and told a different story to the last. 

We combined the data tables with a numbered slider to show the results of every question. To accompany the tool we also created individual data cards for social media and individual outreach. 

Wellness Index Campaign


We wanted to understand the role sports and physical activity played in the wellbeing of the nation and to see if it differed from city to city. However, measuring “wellbeing” can often be subjective so we needed some hard data that gives an objective view of wellbeing. 


When conducting our research, we found Government data from the Office for National Statistics detailing anxiety rates per city. We also found government data on overall physical activity rates and used the client’s internal data to show the availability of fitness per location. 

Data points included:

  • Number of fitness professionals per capita

  • Number of facilities per capita

  • Physical Activity Rates

  • Anxiety Levels


We created an interactive ranking table to zone in on each of the data points and change the ranking for each location based on the data point that was most interesting to the reader. 

Coaching Supply and Demand


The UK population take part in lots of different activities from badminton to swimming. However, what does a swimming enthusiast do if they don’t have a pool? What does a pilates fan do without an instructor. We wanted to find out the demand for each activity vs the supply of coaches to understand where each fitness professional was needed most. 


Using a mixture of client and 3rd party data we were able to build an index of available coaching resources across the UK vs the demand for these resources.


We created an interactive map that let you switch between supply and demand and see the over and underserved areas. We also created a slicer to cut the supply and demand by activity type. 

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