Type A exist to provide AHA moments.

We do this by delivering work according smart thinking frameworks and living according to our company values of being upfront, growing together, balance, being invested and making cool stuff. 

Sounds a little fluffy doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, living our values is integral to how Type A operates. Want proof? If you are a prospective client, you are going to want us to be upfront. Cut the shit. Get to the point.

To be upfront about pricing our average retainers cost £4k per month, per project. They are 12 month contracts with a 60 day cooling off period.

When we make cool stuff, the strategy phase takes 6 weeks. At the end of which we have a complete blueprint of everything we need to grow your site from technical updates to content creation.

Once invested in SEO, small changes in traffic are observed within 12 weeks. Breakeven results take 6 months, champagne popping results take 18-24 months. The initial engagement is 12 months so it’s in everyones interest to show significant improvements, quickly.

The biggest determinant of how fast results happen is how fast you, as the client, help us implement. To grow together, we get integrate into your team to get things implemented. 

There’s no point hitting you over the head with SEO deliverables you can’t implement. So we get under the skin of your business to build an SEO strategy is real world balance of effort and payoff.

AHA! You know what we do
but how do we do it?