This Agency Life is a podcast by Type A Media

About This Agency Life

Welcome to This Agency Life, the monthly podcast from Type A Media that takes a candid look inside the everyday workings of an SEO agency.

Hosted by Operations Director, Vicky Simmance and Managing Director, Ross Tavendale, the podcast explores the day to day workings and challenges of running an SEO agency.

Why did we decide to make this podcast?

We want to connect with other consultants in the SEO industry share our story and show how we are setting the standard for being a responsible employer to our team and a reliable partner to our clients. Through these conversations we hope to cover important topics that are usually hidden away and not discussed in order to shine a little light on them and set and example for our peers.

How do I subscribe?

We are on all major platforms from iTunes to Google Play to Spotify. Below is a list of links to all platforms where you can subscribe: