Are you a Senior Javascript Developer looking to build your own team and make lots of fun utitlity apps? Then apply today to work at Type A with a starting salary of £60k per year working fully remote on a 4 day work week.

About the Job

The Javascript Developer role is a mid to senior level delivery role that offers

  • Full time permanent

  • 4 day work week

  • Remote working (UK Based) with opitional WeWork pass

  • £60k per year

  • Reporting to the Technical Director

  • 3+ years experience

Job Description

The job comprises of 2 parts:

  • Internal

    • building internal software invovlving pulling data from REST APIs

    • working with the technical director to build “tool belt” SEO and data analysis tools

    • building automations throughout the company

  • External


Type A is looking for it’s first full time developer to start and grow a team of developers for external client projects and internal software projects.

You will iinitially work with a team of remote senior freelancers to learn how we operate


You should be expert with

  • Front End Javascript (obviously)

  • Experience working with version control (Git, Bitbucket, etc)


You should be intermediate with

  • Amazon AWS S3

  • Node.js

  • Heroku, Netlify, Google Cloud Apps or similar cloud application management

  • Creating technical documentation and mentoring junior developers

You should have a basic understanding of

  • data visualition frameworks such as D3 and Chart JS

  • Experience working with version control (Git, Bitbucket, etc)

Salary Band

  • £60k per year on a 4 day work week